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5 Signs of Erectile Tissue Damage

Know the symptoms.

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Erectile tissue damage can cause erectile dysfunction and hurt your confidence, but it’s not a life sentence. Here are signs of erectile tissue damage. 

Between 50% and 100% of men aged 70 or older — that’s the estimated number of erectile dysfunction sufferers. 

What a lot of people aren’t aware of is that ED can affect men who are still in their 20s. In fact, a global study of 27,000 men found that 8% of participants between 20 and 29 years old had this condition! They also found signs of ED in 11% of males aged 30 to 39. 

All these facts and stats highlight the increasing prevalence of ED in younger men. 

As such, it pays to know the signs of erectile tissue damage, even if you’re only in your 20s. Damage to the penile tissues can, after all, result in impaired blood flow to the penis. 

The question now is, what exactly are the symptoms you should be on the lookout for? How does erectile tissue damage even happen in the first place? 

We’ll address all these burning questions below, so be sure to read on! 

Penile Anatomy 101 

There are three layers or “pillars” of erectile tissues that make up the penis. These include two dorsal columns, called the “corpora cavernosa“. The third is a ventral column, called the “corpus spongiosum“, and it surrounds the urethra. 

Connective tissues then wrap around these layers of tissue. These include the tunica albuginea, a layer of tough fibrous tissues. It covers the corpora cavernosa. 

The skin then covers the entire penis. In uncircumcised men, the “foreskin” (prepuce) is the layer of skin that covers the glans (the head of the penis). 

In circumcised men, the glans no longer has a foreskin. It does, however, have an outer layer of dry skin that originated from the glans’ mucosa. 

What Is Erectile Tissue Damage and How Does It Occur? 

Tissue damage in the penis can result from injury to any of the penile tissues. Many cases of erectile tissue damage, however, occur during sexual intercourse. In fact, a study found that 57.2% of patients had a penile fracture during sex. 

A penile fracture can happen when an erect penis strikes a surface that causes is to bend. In many cases, this occurs when the penis slips out of the vagina during thrusting. With enough force, the tunica albuginea in the penis can break or sustain a tear. 

Bites, scratches, and burns can also lead to penile tissue damage. Inserting an object into the urethra can also result in internal tissue damage. 

The Top Five Signs of Erectile Tissue Damage 

From a popping sound followed by an erection loss, there are several signs of penile injury to watch out for. Below we explain what these signs are, how they happen, and what you should do as soon as you experience them. 

  1. A “Popping” Sound Followed by Pain in the Penis

Pain often follows a mishap that causes a tear or a breakage in the penis’ tunica albuginea. You may have also heard a popping or snapping sound during the accident. If this describes your situation, you should pay your doctor a visit as soon as possible. 

A penile fracture can cause permanent damage to the penis. It can also result in the dreaded ED. 

  1. Failure to Achieve an Erection

Speaking of ED, having trouble getting an erection is one of the most common ED symptoms. Age isn’t always the reason behind this, as damaged penile tissues can also be the cause. 

Keep in mind that penile erections rely on increased blood flow. The blood then fills the penis’ corpus cavernosa, allowing these two pillars to expand. This expansion is what gives men their erections. 

If blood can’t get into the corpus cavernosa, an erection can’t occur. This can occur if these tissues, or the blood vessels that run through them, get injured. 

This type of injury is common in younger men afflicted with ED. For more info on early-onset ED, check out 

  1. Bruising

Bites, bumps, burns, and scratches can cause visible bruising on the skin that covers the penis. Note that a burn can occur due to extreme vigorous thrusting. These are friction burns that result from excessive rubbing. 

  1. Difficult or Painful Urination

Urethritis, a condition that affects up to 4 million people in the US each year, can be due to penile damage. This condition occurs when the urethra becomes inflamed. The urethra is the fibromuscular tube that allows the passage of urine (and sperm, in males). 

Urethritis makes it difficult to urinate, and in many cases, even painful. If you’ve had an accident that hurt your penis, it’s possible that you’ve injured your urethra. As with a penile fracture, you should also see a doctor if you think you have a swollen or damaged urethra. 

  1. Eggplant Deformity

Doctors use this term to refer to penile injuries that make the penis not only swell but also take on a purple hue. This can occur when a blood vessel within the penis ruptures and leaks blood. The blood and the inflammation can give the penis an eggplant-like appearance. 

Again, treat this “deformity” as you would any other penile injury. Contact your doctor or urologist right away, as this condition can also cause long-term ED. 

Don’t Let Injured Penile Damages Go Untreated 

Most of these signs of erectile tissue damage warrant emergency medical attention. Without proper treatment, many serious penile tissue injuries can result in long-lasting complications. 

The last thing you want is to suffer from early erectile dysfunction. However, not addressing your penile injuries right away puts you at a greater risk of ED. That’s why it’s best to see a doctor as soon as you notice these symptoms. 

Ready for more tips and guides to keep your health and well-being in tip-top shape? Be sure to check out this site’s Life section then, so you can get the latest scoop in health and lifestyle! 


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