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Four Tips for Organising a Great Spring Party

Throw the perfect bash.

Credit: Eric Nopanen/Unsplash

Wintertime is over and finally, spring has arrived. What better way to celebrate than by having a spring party? How do you make sure your spring party is a success? Here are four tips to keep in mind when organizing a party in the spring. 

1.Organize Your Party Outdoors 

Wintertime had you and your friends stuck indoors for months, hoping for the time you could walk around freely without fear of frostbite. Now that the cold has receded, the sun is out and the birds are chirping, why should you have your party indoors? Organize it outdoor in our backyard.  

The open-air and natural light will have all your guests feeling lively and will encourage kids to run around. If you want to make sure plans cannot be ruined by rain, consider renting a tent that can cover all your guests in case it starts pouring. If you do not have a backyard big enough for your spring party, you might want to consider renting one of the small outdoor party venues London has to offer, courtesy Venuefinder. 

2. Feed for the Season

When you attend an event in the wintertime, most of the foods served are heavy and warm, leaving your body feeling sluggish and sleepy. If you are organizing the menu for a party in springtime, you will want to go in the opposite direction. The foods you should serve at your spring event should be bright and delicious on the tongue and light on the stomach. 

Feel free to think up creative variations of nachos, sandwiches, and spring greens. Desserts can be made of light seasonal fruits combined with delicious chocolates. As it is still the beginning of the year, many people will be trying to eat healthy and your party should not make them feel discouraged. 

3. Simplify Your Drinks 

The energy of a spring party often encourages people to consume alcohol with abandon and that can get very expensive. Expert party planners have suggested that instead of buying bottles of alcohol, spring party planners should instead plan to serve pre-made cocktails to their guests. You buy large quantities of a brand of alcohol along with mixers and set up large cocktail bowls at different stations of your party venue so that everyone can keep refreshing their drinks. This way, the alcohol content is lighter, and the cost of alcohol purchased is minimized. 

4. Arrange Party Favours 

Make sure you arrange party favours for all your guests; whether kids or adults. For kids, you can give small plant kits that the kids can nurture all through the year. You can give adults things like artisan oils as well as cooking spices to encourage them to get in the kitchen and bring the smell of spring into their homes. 

Springtime parties are always full of life and lots of fun. Make sure you put these tips into practice and organise the best springtime party ever! 

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