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Drinks To Rock An Office Cocktail Party

Make sure these are on the menu.

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Summer months are purely set for celebrations and it during this time of the year that people can get to parties comfortably. If you are lucky enough to spend the company dime this summer, you have to be very careful about what you drink at the party.  

Always remember that you have a reputation that you need to protect, so you don’t need to take too much booze and mess up. It’s good to know that the type of drink you take especially at an office cocktail party says a lot about you. Seedlip Cocktail is an ideal drink if you’re not an alcohol fan. It comes with a rich taste that keeps your wits intact all night long. 

It is good to remember that not all workers in a company take alcohol, so the event organizers should have such people in mind and include non-alcoholic drinks in their shopping lists. Here comes the corporate guide to drinking: 

  • Non- alcoholic drinks 

There are quite a variety of classic non-alcoholic drinks that you can try. Among the best is the Seedlip Cocktail, which you can create using Seedlip drinks which are sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks.  

  • Red & white wine 

If you choose red wine, you’re seen to be wise, discerning and mature. You are not likely to mess things up. If you have not yet decided on what to order, you can try a Cabernet or Syrah, which are both complex and full-bodied. If you go for white wine, it suggests that you’re entrepreneurial and somehow sophisticated. You can try a Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc.  

  • Beers 

Ordering imported beer is considered to be somehow safe. This is because it gives an impression that you are creative and adventurous and you pay attention to detail. Although beer brings an impression of “hanging with the boys”, you should order for a beer if the event is being hosted in a club. But if you can’t resist the bottle, then try Amstel, Bass or Stella Artois. 

  • Champagne 

For perfect party time, it is an excellent choice to pop up the champagne! If you fill your glass more regularly, you are likely to get you drunk more quickly than you expected. You are expected to drink responsibly to avoid the nastiest hangovers. Remembers that your co-workers expect you to get to work early the next morning. 

  • Whiskey/Bourbon 

Just like Martini, whiskey is a classic drink. You are advised to order for it only if you are familiar with it. Otherwise, if you are used to drinking bourbon without wincing, know that you’re tough. But be careful not to drink more than you can hold. 

You should avoid getting drunk during the celebrations, and wait until the after party where you can have more drinks with the “boys” and get to celebrate. If the party took place on weekdays, be aware that you have a responsibility of reporting to work the following day. If your seniors report to work before you, don’t blame it on last night. Hangover can’t be a relevant excuse for being late for work. A responsible person drinks and behaves responsibly. 

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