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How To Deal With A Bullying Boss

Does this sound like your boss?

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Do you consider your boss a bully? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, as many of us have had to deal with a difficult boss at some time in our lives. But what are you supposed to do about them? Apart from pushing them from the top floor window (admit it, you have thought about it), there has to be a better way. At least one that won’t get you fired or put into prison.

Why is your boss a bully?

As examples, does your boss do any of the following?

– Openly criticise you in front of others

– Ignore your attempts at career progression

– Set you unfair deadlines you struggle to manage

In which case, you have valid reasons for your negative thinking towards them.

Could you be the problem?

Occasionally, we can overreact. It is important to assess the situation to determine whether your boss is a bully, or just overly demanding. For example, do you…

– Get overly sensitive about critical comments that may be made to help you

– Demand a promotion without sufficient evidence to suggest you deserve one

– Have a lazy attitude at work, and any deadline gets in the way of office gossip and banter

In which case, you need to rethink your attitude and perhaps become a better employee.

What do you do if your boss is a bully?

There are a number of actions you can take. For example:

– Rally others to your cause. If you aren’t the only one being bullied by your boss, enlist others to your side. Come up with an action plan together, such as speaking to head office or your HR department, or confront your employer directly about their actions.

– Speak to your boss. They may not be aware of how much their words or actions are hurting you, and it may be that they finally see sense if you tactfully approach them, alone or with your coworkers. Be calm and respectful, however, as saying or doing the wrong thing could result in you losing your job.

– Document unfair behaviour, as this can be used to take to head office. Note down times and places where you feel you were being bullied, and go above your employer’s head with your complaint. Try and gather further evidence, too, such as eyewitness reports from other coworkers or customers, as back up for your cause.

– Consider legal action. If you are unwell because of your boss, perhaps because of emotional stress, or you are being singled out for harassment, you may be entitled to legal help. Firms such as Perth City Legal are experts in Workers’ Compensation Claims, and they will let you know if you have the right to take matters further.

– Speak to your Union representative. Every worker needs to be a part of a Union, as they will give you free and impartial advice. Your rep will help you deal with your boss, and will stand by your side in any meetings you have with them.

– Resign from your position. This has to be the last resort, but if you are genuinely unhappy with your boss, and you struggle to find help elsewhere, it may be best to leave. Your services can be better used elsewhere, hopefully with a boss who will be more respectful than the last one. Good employers do exist, we promise.

Final Word

If you do ever find yourself with a bullying boss, or you are currently suffering with one, follow our advice. Bullying should not be tolerated, and you do have the right to stand up for yourself. While you may not topple your boss from his ivory tower, you may still make conditions better for yourself and your coworkers.

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