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Boost Your Fertility – Tips For Men That Actually Work

Follow these tips for real results.

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While women have their menstrual cycle as a checklist to keep an eye on any problem arising in their reproductive health, men do not have any such measures. And, most of the men never even think of their reproductive health, unless they don’t try and fail in getting their partner pregnant. But, the recent studies have shown clearly that almost 20% of couple face infertility due to the low sperm count.

Although infertility is always not curable especially in the males who do not produce sperms at all, there are some measures to boost a man’s fertility in case they have a lower sperm count or any such problems.

While women carry and deliver the baby, men too play an integral role in the process of pregnancy. A man needs to have enough number of healthy sperms that can move in the right direction and fertilize the woman’s egg. To keep everything in the proper functioning state men just like women need to take care of their reproductive health. Here we are sharing some tips to boost fertility level in men.

Get Physically Active – This is the basic thing that every man should take care to keep their reproductive health in the correct state. A number of studies have shown that physically active men have a better level of testosterone, the male sex hormone. The physical activity is also linked to the libido or sex drive in men as well as the quality of semen. Including exercise in your daily routine or becoming physically active does not mean you should exhaust your body. Being extra physically active may reverse the effect. So, if your work requires you to be overly physically active you should consider taking zinc supplements to counter the bad-effect.

Manage Your Lifestyle to Reduce Stress – The effect of stress is directly related to a man’s sexual satisfaction and reproductive health. In addition to exercising you should also manage your lifestyle to eliminate or reduce stress from your life. With prolonged exposure to stress and anxiety, the level of cortisol increases naturally. And, an increase in cortisol level results in a decrease of the testosterone level. If you suffer from any severe form of stress or anxiety you might need to go on certain medications. But, if the level of stress is milder in nature you can manage your lifestyle to combat stress.

Take a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight – Although being underweight too is not good for your reproductive health being overweight is seen as the main culprit in males struggling to conceive. Heavyweight badly affects sperm and also impedes blood flow that may cause trouble in keeping an erection. If you are on the heavier side of the weight spectrum you might be thinking about going on a diet. But, remember when you eliminate the certain food you must replace it with some healthier option like fruits and vegetables.

And, if you are underweight there’s no option other than including lots of healthy diet in your routine. In addition to the diet don’t forget exercise in any case.

Quit Smoking and Drinking – This is one of the important lifestyle changes you need to adopt if you want to father a child or keep your partner impressed in the bedroom. Smoking not only affects your overall health badly but also drastically reduces your sperm count. Alcohol has been seen to adversely affect the quantity as well as the quality of the sperm. It also affects the motility of sperm, one of the biggest reasons behind male infertility. Even if you happen to conceive a child smoking and drinking are not a trait of a good father. This is so because your habit will have a bad effect on child’s health as well as your relationship with your child.

Keep an eye on the temperature – Sorry if you guessed that but I’m not talking about turning on or off your air conditioners or room heaters. You might know that you need to maintain a cool temperature below your belt. If you sit for too long on your chair doing your work or keep your laptop actually on your lap-top, the temperature down there hinders the sperm production. You may have heard regarding this point that wearing tight underwear have bad effects on sperm production. But, studies have proved that tight underwear doesn’t have an effect on sperm count. So, wear what you like but don’t let the temperature around your testicles rise often.

Talk to your doctor about hCG – This is one of the recent findings of science that HCG hormones can do a wonder on male’s reproductive health. They say that HCG for men can play a vital role in increasing the energy level, combating sexual dysfunction, enhancing testosterone level and reducing weight too. If you pay attention HCG is a full package for men because obviously, it gives everything to man’s health that he may wish. You can get the HCG injection in online as well as an offline market but make sure to consult your doctor before taking one. Many believe, but these injections have not been approved by the authorities to be helpful in losing weight. If you are concerned about weight you may look into details for the HCG diet plan.

Take nutritional supplements – Vitamin C and zinc are seen as the most important nutrient supplement for boosting fertility in males. Vitamin C is said to prevent sperms from sticking together; when the sperms do not clump their chance of fertilizing an egg increases significantly. On the other hand, Zinc is believed to enhance testosterone, sperm count, and sperm motility as well. Vitamin D is also one of the important nutrients that are linked to better fertility in males. However, taking a supplementary pill should come into picture only when you cannot get enough of them by incorporating a healthy diet into your routine. And, before taking any of them don’t forget to consult your doctor.

Most health problems can be taken care of with a healthy lifestyle and fertility is no exception. However, if these tips don’t work, you can talk to your doctor, who might suggest you and your partner consider using home insemination, IVF procedure, or other fertility treatments.

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