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Are 1500 Thread Count Sheets Good Or Bad?

We take a look.

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The thread count of your sheets matters a lot. It speaks volumes to how comfortable the sheets will be. Thread count is defined as the number of yarns used per square inch.  

Although bed sheets are not always assessed based on its thread count alone, keep in mind that high-quality sheets often have a higher number of threads.   

This is primarily because high-thread-count sheets are soft and consist of excellent fibers that make it comfortable to sleep on.  

It also has a specific type of weave that signals robustness and durability. In most cases, high-thread-count sheets are made up of materials such as polyester and cotton or a blend of both.  

When shopping for bed sheets, you may wonder whether higher thread counts are good or bad, what thread count is enough, and what the qualities to look for in a good mattress. 

The information below will give you the right answers.  


If you have your mattress in a box, the last thing anyone wants are sheets that are too rough on their skin. Rough sheets will make your night unbearable and may have harsh effects on your skin.  

Research, however, shows that sheets that have a thread count higher than 500 are softer and more comfortable on the skin. 


The thread count of your sheets also determines how comfortable you will be when you lie down. Higher thread counts give the feeling that you are sinking into the bed. A thread count of above 1500 gives you the feeling that your bed is bouncy and soft.  

They also help offer you better support and comfort. If you have back issues, your mattress will not feel tough because the bed sheets provide you with adequate support. 


You don’t want to purchase a sheet that gets easily worn out. While bed sheets with a thread count of over 1500 may be a bit pricey, they provide users with longevity. You will not have to worry about your bedsheets, getting holes, and tears with slight movements.  

When these 1500 thread count sheets get older, they tend to get softer and fluffier over time. Even after being washed multiple times, your sheets will still look as good as they did when they were new. 


If you hate ironing your sheets after washing them, buy bed sheets with a thread count above 1000. Most sheets tend to be wrinkle-free, especially when you have your mattress in a box and you can use them immediately after they are dry. This saves you a lot of time and energy. 


While higher thread counts are better and certainly easier on the skin, you still need to know the type of material used to make the sheets. Some materials tend to be tough no matter the thread count used. Some materials types are not breathable and thus unsuitable for children and seniors.  

Always do research and consider your preferences before purchasing a bedsheet. This helps ensure comfort and minimizes returns.  

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