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4 of the Best Fishing Spots in America

The best places tome a catch.

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If you want to plan a getaway, but want something a little more chilled and relaxed, then have you ever considered a fishing trip? There are a number of great places in the States for hiking and adrenaline-filled activities, but how about spots for fishing? Whether you will be traveling with family or flying solo, it can be a fun way to spend time, and can often mean eating plenty of great seafood too. So here are some of the best spots to head to stateside, if you’re wanting a fishing trip.

Florida Keys, Florida

Right off the south coast of the Sunshine State, Florida Keys really is a haven for keen fisherfolk. You could catch anything from bonefish to redfish, and can enjoy some great weather while doing so too. The main draw for a lot of visitors is that you are surrounded by deep seas of the Atlantic, but also have the Gulf Stream. So it makes going out in a boat to fish really possible, and then you could catch things like swordfish and marlin. There are so many great seafood restaurants in the area too, just in case you don’t get lucky.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Netflix show has made this place popular, but you can tell from the series of the same name just why it would be a good spot for fishing. Flyfish, charter fishing, pier fishing, and braking fishing are all options in the Outer Banks. Taking a boat out is another great option too, with the likes of trout, sea bass, and flounder usually the catches of the day. If you are with your family, then the beaches in the area are great too, so you could combine the trip with a bit of both. Just make sure that you have got something like Tailored Tackle’s fishing kits to take with you, so that you can make the most of the fishing in the area.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

New England, in general, is a great spot for fishing, as there is plenty of water in the area, but also really scenic. For some serious fishing, chartering a boat can be a great idea, in order to chase after bonito, as well as false albacore. You could also choose surfcasting in this area, which is all about getting your fishing pole and then heading to the beach around sundown, you get your catch. Striped bass is the most common in this area.

Bighorn River, Montana

If you are a fly fishing enthusiast, then Montana is where it is at! Bighorn River is huge and gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy fly fishing and get some big fish. There is some limited access to the river, as some is only accessed from private properties, so the public areas can be a little crowded. So going early or late are usually your best options. A lot of the trout fishing tends to be ‘catch and release’ in this area, but it can still be a day of fun as you try to catch some. Camping can be a good idea in this area, but it could be worth paying for some private accommodation that backs onto the river, then you can fish as and when you want and have all the access to the river that you need. 

Wherever you decide to go fishing, make sure you give yourself the best chance of catching something as possible by buying from a respected store. There are plenty of quality outlets that you can source fishing gear like spearguns and polestars from such as

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