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Youth Influencing Politics: A 5 Step Guide to Get Involved

Get involved.

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When it comes to politics, many people out there think that they’re incapable of contributing, and nowhere is this felt more sharply than in the youth of the country. Because they have little chance of becoming a policymaker, and because most decisions are geared towards appeasing the middle ground, young people can often feel like they don’t have a voice when it comes to the political process. This, however, is not true – though it might not always seem like it, the age barrier to being politically active isn’t nearly as clear-cut as some people think it is. Below, we take a look at a few ways that the youth of today can have their own influence.

Get Clued Up

Young people have one thing forever going for them: their youth. When you’re young and energetic, keen to have a good time and try new things, spending your days reading about the world might not sound like the most appealing option in the world. But the opposite is ignorance, and that never got anybody anywhere. If you can read up on the key issues that affect your life and the world around you, you’ll be in a much stronger position when it comes to getting your voice heard.

Become Engaged

If you’re over eighteen, then you’re able to play a key role in the democratic process: you can vote! Alas, many young people don’t exercise this right. Indeed, many people aren’t even registered to vote: without that, you really can’t be part of the political process. There have been steps to rectify this; Michele Reagan Arizona, for instance, suggested setting up mobile registration booths at colleges and university campuses. If enough young people exercised their rights, they’d create a voting sector larger enough to enact a difference.

Connect With Others

If you’re already politically engaged, then you might become a little disheartened if you look around and think that all of your peers are too busy taking selfies or playing video games to contribute to the world. But we say: stay positive! There are plenty of young people with a political conscience, so look out for organizations and reach out to others. In any case, you don’t just have to chat with people your same age – you can always work with people of different ages and backgrounds, too. Indeed, working together despite differences is what politics is all about anyway.

Make Local Differences

It’s tempting to believe that politics is what happens when Trump talks about Putin, or when North Korea talks about America, but it’s not. That’s just one small part of politics. Most of it takes place at a local level, and there, anyone with some determination can get involved. Take a look around your community and see what needs to change, and then set about changing it. You’ll have more success than you might think.

Be You

Whatever you do, be you. The youth of today are smarter, more compassionate, and more able than every generation in history – don’t waste it!

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