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You Can Now Go Ghosthunting Overnight at a Haunted Orphanage from World War I

For $85 you can hunt ghosts at a haunted hospital.

Featured Image by Rept0n1x via Flickr

What’s creepier than the ghosts of young, Victorian-era orphans?  The ghosts of sick, young, Victorian-era orphans!

Or, that’s what Newsham Park, an abandoned orphanage and hospital in Liverpool, is counting on anyway. The “haunted” building formerly used as a live music venue has recently reopened and is being touted as prime ghost-hunting grounds.

For about $85, you can experience the full range of paranormal activities–everything from small-group seances to ouija board games, to glass divination and table-tipping. You’ll even learn how to use super scientific ghost-hunting tools like EMF and K2 meters.

Credit: Haunted Happenings via Twitter

Way back in 1874, The Liverpool Seamen’s Orphan Institution opened as a home for the orphaned children of British sailors. About 321 kids lived there by 1899, and the poor kiddos were said to have endured cruel punishments, harsh conditions, and isolation. 

The devastation of World War I brought in more children, and by 1918, over 1000 orphans lived in the building. By the second World War, the surviving children were evacuated to another orphanage with better conditions (but who’s to say how many left their tortured spirits behind to roam the halls forevermore!)

In 1951, the orphanage’s doors were shut, only to reopen 3 years later as Newsham Park Hospital, which saw such an influx of severely mentally ill patients that it soon became an asylum. In 1997 the building was officially vacated by all staff and residents. 

The owners of the new “Haunted Happenings” experience at the sight guarantee a truly ghoul-y evening. The grounds are open from 9:30 PM- 3:30 AM, and aspiring ghost-hunters have free reign of the entire grounds to conduct their searches and participate in activities.

Photo credit: Colin Lane via The Liverpool Echo

The website informs potential guests of what lurks within, stating: “The abandoned hospital has a massive array of spooky rooms, corridors and basements, including a School House, hospital wards, nurses accommodation, Bell Tower, Chapel and Mortuary. There is an instant feeling of uneasiness as you enter and begin your journey into this frightening location.

“On a Haunted Happenings overnight ghost hunt at Newsham Hospital, you will not fail to sense the torment of those who belong to its long and torrid history. Wheelchairs sit empty in corridors and the mortuary fridges exist as a cold reminder of the lives that passed over in this place, giving this location a unique and frightening atmosphere.

“Distant voices have been heard from within the empty building, shadowy figures have been seen darting down the stairwells and workmen’s tools have disappeared only to turn up in a completely different part of the building. Could this be the work of mischievous children from the Orphanage coming forward to make themselves known?”

Photo credit: Colin Lane via The Liverpool Echo

Apparently, the world was ready for a chance to hunt the tortured spirits of dead orphans from 100 years ago. The tours have sold out until November! You can still check out the website for some creepy teasers, and sign up for the waiting list. 

If that doesn’t get your heart pumping, check this out.

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