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What is an E-visa?

We explain.

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With every passing day, people are exploring and learning new things, and this urge for growth are compelling them to move forward. With the advent of the internet, each department claiming to manage human affairs, education, research, security, and policymaking, shifted towards the electronic modification of their tasks. In which E-visa also is the revolutionized and the much-needed sort of visa. 

E-visas has eased the development and approval of visas for both the states and the applicants. Everything involved in the processing of a travel Visa has been smoothened and expediated. In this article, I would try to explain the E-visa in detail, so that those who are still confused about this new improvement in the travel permits, must learn and adopt the effective, simpler, and useful method to apply for a tourist visa. For having a detailed glimpse of e-Visa, you’re more than welcome to click this page and learn some more.  

What is an E-visa?  

It is not a paper visa that we usually get when applying for a tourist visa. But instead, it’s an electronic connection of your passport with the permit providing authorities; the airport authorities and management will not mark your passport; instead, your passport number would be linked and recorded as a permitted passport. 

How many countries approve E-visa?  

Even though the E-visa system is an effective way of managing immigrants and international tourists, still, several countries have not upgraded their visa and permit authorities to such an opportunity. According to, almost 24 states allow for an electronic visa. 

For all these countries, the policy and procedure of applying to get an E-visa are different. The difference lies in the security and administrative measures taken by those states. 

What are the benefits of E-visa?  

In this modern world, e-Visa has made it easier to travel around the world. Such visas can be obtained everywhere with an active internet connection and you do not have to physically wait in long queues. But all you need to do is submit the supporting documents and pay online and work. We can draw the following observations and conclusions about the benefits of e-Visa. 

Fast service  

When you apply for a tourist visa you would have to visit the embassy of the prospective state that knows how long it would take to reach there, and usually, you can get an E-visa within four days, or even faster. The ETA Canada is the fastest of all, that can be approved within 72hours and US citizens who need to visit Canada after every few months will not have to do any struggle. 

Secure visa  

When you apply for an electronic visa, the websites where you upload your documents and photos maintain a high level of security by protecting against unauthorized use of your data. 

Cost-effective and Time-saving: 

The cost of applying for an e-visa is not so high as the applicant will not have to bear the extra cost of going to and from the embassy from their place of residence. 

Also, there is no problem with printing and copying the documents, instead, an applicant will only have to submit the scanned documents online. 

On the other hand, it also reduces the workload on embassies and their staff and gives them time to formulate and implement new policies for the betterment of society so that people have access to maximum facilities. According to a World Bank survey, it was observed that 24 percent of work time was saved in 2014 when embassies transferred e-visas. 


More revenue  

Several reasons reinforce the boost in revenue earning if the visa availing process gets more comfortable. Those who have got enough money and are unaware of the procedure or think that the visa application process is very complicated will rush to travel their favorite places if they ever get to know that E-visa has simplified the process of visa application and approval. 

Moreover, those countries that have already introduced the E-visa opportunity for travelers will see a hike in tourism revenue; many new businesses will flourish in the wake of such significant initiatives. The ultimate effect will be on global tourism.  

Simple and easy  

To apply for an E-visa, you only need a valid and legal passport meeting the visa authorities; that is, it should be fresh and must not expire within the next three months, for further details you must check here if you are a US citizen.   

Fast renewal  

Imagine you are traveling the world, and suddenly you realize that your visa will confront expiration within five days. If you have a usual visa, then it is okay to panic, but if you have got an E-visa, then five days are more than enough for the renewal of your permit. 

You need to login to the authority’s sites with your registered usernames and apply for the renewal of your visa. Boom! Right after four days, you will get a notification of visa renewal, and now you may travel freely for as long as you want. In some cases, the authorities might ask you the reason for the restoration, and here, you are supposed to stay as far as possible. 

For an overview of what to do to renew your E-visa, you should check the US embassy’s site, here they have explained the process in simple steps.    

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