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What Are The Internet’s Most Common and Most Specific Icks?

It has become somewhat of a trend on the internet to discuss ‘icks’. This poses the question, what actually is an ick? We have scanned the internet so you don’t have to, and compiled some of the most common icks.

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It has become somewhat of a trend on the internet to discuss ‘icks’. This poses the question, what is actually classed as an ick? We have scanned the internet so you don’t have to, and compiled some of the most common icks.

An ick is essentially anything that turns you off from someone that you are romantically pursuing, and usually ‘the ick’ occurs in the talking stage. Discussing icks has become somewhat of an internet phenomenon, as people share their weirdly specific reasons for being switched off.

The trend also became a way of helping people to get over a person or relationship, by imagining them in cringey and awkward situations.

Icks are not exclusive to men or women, it just describes a particular trait or experience with that person that kills off the romance. So, here are some of the internet’s most commonly-stated icks – and you can be the judge on whether these are truly ick-worthy or not. Or, maybe you actually do some of these things and can find out whether you are in fact, the one giving people the ick.

Talking about crypto

A commonly reported ick on the internet is guys who talk excessively about cryptocurrency. Now, there is nothing wrong with having hobbies and interests, but many women seem to have had encounters where ‘crypto guys’ make crypto their entire personality. A key takeaway from this one is to talk openly about your interests but make sure you are a) not talking over the other person and b) not expecting others to be as impressed by this topic as you are.

Running with a backpack on

Now, this one just feels unfair. Many people took to Tiktok to share that the image of their love interest running with a backpack on gave them the ick. There are many reasons why a person may need to run with a backpack on, such as if they are traveling back from work and about to miss their train. So, with this one, it’s probably less of an ick, and more a case of not liking that person in the first place.

Loud eating

Another common ick is loud eating or chewing food with their mouth open. This is perhaps an ick that could be easily overcome if it was just pointed out to them. On the other hand, it is basic manners so definitely is one of the more valid icks.

Sander Dalhuisen/Unsplash

Imagining them having to chase a ping pong ball

One of the more niche icks found on the internet is if they are playing a game of ping pong, drop the ball and have to chase after it. Again, this one feels a little unfair, because what are you supposed to do in that situation?

Acting differently around their friends

In various compilations where the public was asked on camera to explain their biggest icks, people reported that theirs was when the person acts very differently around their friends. This understandably raises suspicion about whether that person is genuine or not, but also can be explained by the fact that everyone acts a little differently around different groups of people.

Treating waiters badly

Perhaps the ick that most of the internet can agree on is when people treat waiters or any types of workers badly such as omitting basic manners or even going to the extreme of arguing with them about things that are out of their control. The ick, in this case, serves more as a survival tactic, warning you of that person’s nature early on.

When it comes to icks, it is all subjective. Sometimes, it might be telling about a person’s character, but at other times, it is just a random act that makes people go ‘nope’. One thing we do know is that the ick has no prisoners.

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