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5 Mind Blowing Hotels To Start Saving For

Locations from all over the world you didn’t even know existed.

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I know it can often seem like traveling isn’t on the table for a lot of us, having to leave work and make the commitment. After so many years though, how can you stop making excuses? You can’t! Check out these amazing stays to get you excited about seeing the world anew.
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El Rio Hostel, found in the middle of the Magdalena Region of Colombia, it’s all good vibes here.
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Pacuare Lodge is located in Costa Rica. The river runs right in front of the lodge where guests raft down to attend their stay.
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Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano, Italy. Stunning.

Park Hyatt Seoul, South Korea. Incredible.
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Aurora Village, Finland. Imagine snuggling with a loved one here.

These are just a small handful of absolutely stunning hidden gems around the world. Seeing these may give you inspiration to break out of your mundane every day routine, I know it did for me.

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