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Top Stremio Addons To Consider For The Best Experience

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Stremio is now one of the popular media streaming platforms, which came up mainly over the last couple of years. Stremio features a simple interface and also ensures easy streaming. People use it to watch movies, TV series, live TV shows, videos, sports and a lot more. If you haven’t tried it yet, here, we will discuss how to install and use Stremio add-ons. 

As in the case of Kodi, Stremio also needs addons to stream content. These addons can connect you to get access to the streaming links from the internet. Unlike Kodi, the stremio addons can be downloaded and used online, so it doesn’t take the device storage space. Stremio add-ons are also much simpler to install in a single click. 

Top Stremio Addons 

The Pirate Bay 

This add-on will give access to the whole database of the top torrenting website named The Pirate Bay. You can directly stream torrent content, and there is no need to download those on to the device. There are two versions of this addon as PirateBay and ThePirateBay+. 

Juan Carlos 

Juan Carlos is one of the most prominent sources for torrent content. It features a giant database of videos, movies, and TV shows. You can install this addon at a single click, and there is no need or any setup. 

Top free VPN for torrenting 

As per expert advice, the Torrent users must consider using a good VPN for secure and anonymous access. Even with the best efforts put in by the ISPs and private content streamers, people are largely downloading music, videos, and TV shows. Torrenting is the option for many users to share small bits of a bigger file to enable high speed downloading of content. 

Choosing a VPN for torrenting 

In fact, all VPNs don’t support torrent usage, so you have to be careful about choosing the right one for you. This is also one primary concern while choosing the best free vpn for torrenting. Download speeds are so important, and next, you should consider security and privacy. 

You must look for the privacy policy of the VPNs, and for torrenting, one should always pick one with ‘no logs’ guaranteed. Also, choose the one with the best security and solid encryption. Here, we will discuss a few such options. 

ExpressVPN – Best VPN to manage P2P traffic with 3000+ servers and 160 server locations. 

NordVPN – Another secured VPN for torrenting with 5300+ servers and 62 server locations. 

CyberGhost – Very easy to use VPN with 3700+ servers and 60+ server locations. 

Windscribe – Log-free guarantee VPN for torrenting with 400+ servers and 60 server locations. 

Let’s get back to the top Stremio add-ons. 


It is another one among popular Stremio add-ons, which acts as a huge storehouse for all your favorite content, including videos, movies, and TV series. It can pull various links from torrent sources, and you can also choose the streaming resolution as SD or 1080p, etc. 

Popcorn Time 

Popcorn Time will enable your connection to the vast libraries of YTS and EZTV type of torrent servers. You can access high-quality content on demand, including TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. 

Some other best Stremio addons are Zooqle, Open Videos, Netflix, YouTube, OpenSubtitles, Ex Addon, etc. 

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