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Top 8 Best Things to do in Melbourne

Eight of the best.

If somebody asks me, which is Australia’s most funky city? Without giving it a second thought, my instant answer would be Melbourne. Be it the robust art scene or the cool architecture, or hip music, cafes, or the bars of the city, Melbourne is undoubtedly Australia’s cultural capital. The street art, narrow lanes, beer gardens, and the beautiful cafes all make it so alluring. Given that I have immense love for Melbourne, I have come up with some of the best things that you should do and see in Melbourne. So, let’s get started and take a look at them one by one. 


Go for a street art tour 

Triana, who offers online  assignment help Melbourne,  says that she loves the street art tour of Melbourne. You’ll particularly admire the one run by the Blender Studies’ graffiti artists. It is a bit costly at AUD 69, but it is every bit worth the price. The money collected includes cheese and drinks and is used to support the city’s local artists. You’ll learn so much about the city’s love for art by taking this tour. It is one primary reason why Melbourne attracts a bunch of tourists every year.   


Take a tour of the State Library of Victoria 

State Library of Victoria is an important landmark location in Melbourne. It sees a footfall of over 8 million people every year. Started in 1856, the library has grown so much since then. Today, it is used as a pivotal source of pride for the residents of Melbourne. If you reach early, you’ll see a huge queue of people waiting to enter the library. In there, you can get a couple of free tours to understand the history and the architecture of the place. 


Enjoy moonlight movies 

Sophie, who offers  online assignment help,  says that she visited Melbourne in summer season and one of the best things about her visit was the nightly movies at the Royal Botanic Gardens. In there, you can enjoy a good Hollywood movie under the moonlight at AUD 19. When you go, don’t forget to bring your own booze and food to enjoy a mini picnic with your family. Also, carry a jacket because it does get a little colder at night. 


Explore the Queen Victoria Market 

Queen Victoria Market is an outdoor market of the city where you’ll find knick-knack vendors and food sellers. It is a mix of the food market and a flea market. On the weekdays, it is mainly the food section, but during weekends, the stalls are more. If you travel on Saturdays and Sundays, you can enjoy some free wine samples. The wine is cheap, and the staff is incredibly friendly.  


Tour via the City Circle tram 

In Melbourne, the best way to travel to the top attractions and tourist spots for free is by taking the City Circle Tram. It has a hop-on, hop-off facility using which you can explore places such as Old Treasury Building, Federation Square, Princess Theatre, and the Parliament House. Further, through the journey, you can enjoy the running commentary explaining the cultural, historical, and architectural significance of the upcoming attraction. 


Enjoy people-watching at Federation Square 

Federation Square comes in the route of the City Circle Tram. Angelina, who works with a website that offers online write my essay services, says that she visited the Federation Square to just enjoy the city go by. It is a great place to just sit down with your lunch and glance at the people of the city. There are a bunch of restaurants and bars located around the river below the square where you can enjoy a delicious meal afterwards.   


Explore the Flinders Street Station 
One of the popular landmarks of Melbourne is the Flinders Street Station. It is a popular meeting hub of the city that has been in existence since the late 19th century. Predominantly known for its Victorian architecture, there is a huge clock on the station. Believed to be the busiest railway station of the Southern Hemisphere, it has an impressive architecture. 


Tour NGV 

NGV is located in Federation Square and is an excellent place for the art lovers. Justin, who offers the best online python course,  says that he loved his visit to the National Gallery of Victoria that has some of the most excellent art pieces of Australia. The entry to NGV is free, but if you wish to attend any special exhibition, you’ll have to bear a small cost for it. It is indeed the best tourist attraction for art lovers. Be ready to spare at least 2-3 hours to browse through the extensive collection here. 


So, these are the top 8 things that you can enjoy on your visit to the Melbourne city of Australia. Do let us know in the comment section below, if you have more suggestions to add to this list.  


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