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The 10 Best Things To See In Oslo

We give you the lowdown on what to do.

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Are you going to Oslo for a couple of days?  Take note because you cannot miss any of these 12 things you should see in the capital of Norway 

The capital of  Norway  has a reputation for being expensive and boring … But nothing is further from the truth. Oslo is a city not too big but with a lot to see and do, perfect for a weekend getaway.  If you are going to travel to Norway, even for just one day, stay in a hotel in Oslo and get ready to be amazed by the contrasts of a city with an affordable size, by the sea and with a fascinating history.  Are you ready?  Well, keep reading and take note of the 12 best things to do (and see) in Oslo. 

1. Vigeland Park 

Whether you like art or not, a stroll through the suggestive  Vigeland Sculpture Park is one of those things you have to do in Oslo, yes or yes.  And do not look at us with that face … You know it’s a great place, so go and then tell us what you think about this famous space that, besides being a good place for a picnic or a walk, will allow you to know firsthand the legacy of the great sculptor.  In total, there are 212 life-size granite and bronze sculptures representing various moods and expressions.  The most amazing is the huge monolith of 14 meters: a carved column made of a single stone in which you can count up to 121 human figures.  Next door there is a museum dedicated to Vigeland, but you may have had enough with the park. 

2. Norwegian Museum of Cultural History 

This huge green space (white when snow covers it) on the Bygdoy peninsula is the ideal place to familiarize yourself with Norwegian history and culture.  Located completely outdoors, the  Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is open all year and you can see 155 historic buildings brought from all parts of the country, among which the delicate and beautiful Gol wooden church, from the thirteenth century.  Stroll among cabins, farms and sheds and immerse yourself in the most rural Norway without leaving Oslo. 

3. Akershus Fortress 

The fortress of Akershus is one of the main icons of Oslo, and possibly of Norway.  Located on the edge of the fjord, from the top of its walls the views are great.  But inside it hides much more than you could imagine.  Cross its thick medieval doors and enter the majestic buildings and museums of a 13th century fortress that today serves as a large park.  Take your time and enjoy, if you can, the sunset.  Your eyes will thank you. 

4. Viking Ship Museum 

That its small dimensions do not deter you.  The  Museum of the Viking Ships in Oslo should be almost a must-see … even if you have not swallowed the entire  Vikings  series.  Seeing in person the two best preserved Viking ships on the planet is not something that can be done every day and it will not leave you cold, at all.  You can see how huge and incredibly stylized they were, enjoy their details and learn more about the ancestors of the Norwegians who terrorized half of Europe with their looting. 

5. Norwegian Opera 

The gleaming white and geometric  Norwegian Opera is a marble and glass building that in a few years has become a favorite of Oslo citizens and tourists alike.  Its innovative architecture, its reflection in the water day and night and the views from its roof are some of the things you should do.  If you have time, sign up for one of the most interesting guided tours that show you your inner futurist.  Scandinavian design in its pure state. 

6. FRAM Museum 

Maybe you’re thinking that with the Viking ships you’ve had enough … But as soon as you set foot in the amazing  Fram museum  your eyes will open like saucers and your jaw will be dislocated.  This enormous bulk was the ship that the Norwegian explorers Nansen, Sverdrup, Wisting and Amundsen used between 1893 and 1912 to explore the Arctic and Antarctic.  You can get on board and discover, as if not a single day had passed, in what conditions the adventurers who traveled in it lived. 

7. Holmenkollen 

Even non-skiing enthusiasts will enjoy Holmenkollen . The famous ski jump, which can be reached by subway, was recently rebuilt and is something that, if you have time, you should not miss in Oslo. Head over to the Ski Museum or climb to the top and enjoy the panoramic views of the city. In winter, when everything is snowy you will see a white paradise … And in the long and sunny summer days a horizon of greens and blues will spread before your eyes. 

8. A boat trip through the Oslo Fjord 

Getting on a boat to explore the Oslo Fjord is one of the best things you can do in the capital of Norway on a sunny day.  There are multiple companies that organize this type of services so you can choose between traveling from island to island with local ferries, board a sailboat or even enjoy a meal on the sea.  If you have less time you can also get fit with a kayak excursion that will allow you to discover the islands that are in the picturesque fjord of Oslo. 

9. Munch Museum 

How many times have you seen the famous painting of  El Grito  de Munch?  Well, if you want to know more about one of Norway’s most famous artists and, by the way, see more expressionist works signed by his brush you have to spend a couple of hours at the  Munch Museum  in Oslo.  An interesting option only for the very fanatical of its production … Because if you only want to see his most famous work you will only have to go to the National Gallery, where they have the best known version of it. 

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10. Oslo City Hall 

Seen from outside, one would never say that the brown brick mass of Oslo City Hall is a space with so much light and color.  The administrative headquarters of the capital of Norway hide inside a spectacular collection of decorations that go through the history, culture and local working life.  Vibrant colors, emotion and a feeling of being in front of a true masterpiece will overwhelm you.  They are not always open, so check the schedules on their website. 

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