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Taking a Holiday with the Lady of America

Why you should take a trip.

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While not as exciting as hot air balloon rides Dubai, the Statue of Liberty was a gift to the people of the United States by the people of France during the American Revolution to symbolize their international friendship. Designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, and created by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, the delivery of the monument was delayed until October 28, 1886, due to financial challenges. Over the years the Statue of Liberty has become a symbol of democracy and freedom. 

How to reach the Statue of Liberty? 

The Statue of Liberty is located in New York on the Liberty Island. To reach the Statue you will be required to take a ferry from New Jersey or Battery Park. The ferry stops at Ellis Island that lies on the way to the statue. Ellis Island is home to several ‘halls’ that have been converted into museums to share the stories and the experience of the twelve million immigrants to New York City between 1892 to 1954. You can visit both the Statue and the Ellis Island in a single day which will take around five to six hours depending upon the season you choose to visit in. Summers and weekends will generally be characterized by long queues for ferries. It is always better to take the first ferry of the day and to reach the Harbour two hours prior to the arrival of the ferry. The Liberty Island, including the ferries, is quite accessible but reaching the monument requires climbing of around 26 steps. It is always a good idea to carry water and sunblock if you’re travelling on a sunny day. 

Inside the Statue of Liberty: 

If you wish to be a part of ranger-led tours, they start near the main base of the Statue and are free of charge. For visiting the Liberty Torch, you will require Monument passes that allow visitor access inside The Statue of Liberty Museum as well. Full-service washrooms are available on The Liberty Island for your convenience. You can find plenty of space around The Liberty Island for a picnic. The concession stands provide a variety of snacks and takeaways. You can save avoid standing in queues by bringing your own lunch or stopping to grab a bite at one of the several luxury hotels in NY before embarking on your journey. You will find donation boxes at the entrance of The Statue. The money from these boxes is used to maintain the monument. 

Along with the circular staircase that wraps its way up, you’ll also come across an elevator located in the centre if you wish to skip the hustle bustle of climbing the steps. You can enjoy the breathtaking view from the crown of the monument and take pictures with family and friends to mark the occasion. Leaving with a souvenir or a gift for your loved ones back home is always a good idea. You can browse through the gift shop that was opened in 2010 and is situated right next to the Liberty cafeteria. Only small pouches or wallets and camera bags are permitted to be taken inside the monument. You can rent a locker at the gift shop at a measly one dollar for two hours.  

Put down the Statue of Liberty as a must-visit in your travel bucket-list for the next time you wish to take a break from your routine life and experience a subtle sense of American pride and honour. 

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