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TikToker Posts Some Eccentric Money Saving Tips for Christmas

TikTok famous Jay and Sharon share a video of money saving tips for christmas.

Credit: antonbe/ Pixabay

As we all start to get more and more ready for christmas, we’re not only hanging up the baul-bauls and tinsel. We are hanging up our pride, too. Around this time of year is when mostly everybody has no shame in looking around for cheap deals and money saving hacks. Whether you have families and are looking to not go through that all-too-familiar January crash, or whether you are poor students that can’t afford christmas decor, it seemd TikTok can help. 

The TikTok famous Jay and Sharon are back, and are fulfilling their ‘promise to make you smile, OR your $ back.’ With their ‘if you think about it’ TikToks, they take us through a moral journey in our own mind about how far you can actually go in terms of money-saving.

Technicality it a wise thing. Here, Jay and Sharon really hone in on the small print and read between the lines. The question is, could you really do these things with a clear conscience? I guess it depends on how tight you really are…

Although these are feasible hacks, we wouldn’t recommend trying them at home. But that’s just us. Our advice doesn’t stop there, though. For the summer months, you real savers out there can’t help but look for cheap holidays. Preferably in the form of all-inclusive packages. Check out more money-saving hacks for other seasons here.

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