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The Rise of the Cowgirl Trend

Cowgirl fashion and country music is trending again. Why has this trend gained popularity? And what defines the Cowgirl style?

The picture shows pink coloured cowboy boots, cowboy hats, a cactus, flowers and stars. The background is white.
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Grab your boots, cowboy hat and a denim jacket because the cowgirl trend is here.

Not only has fashion from the Wild West come back, but some of the world’s biggest musical artists have also found inspiration.

Taking country music and infusing it into pop culture today.

Why are we fascinated with the Wild West?

The Wild West has fascinated people for generations, inspiring Western movies and series since the 1950s. This tradition has also continued into the 21st century, where movies such as Killers of the Flower Moon, Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight have drawn on Western culture.

But why are we so fascinated with this particular period? In an article by the London Post, one answer is provided to this question. Generally, people simply tend to reminisce about the Wild West with rose-tinted glasses and romanticise this era.

Many also tend to forget the harsh and ruthless realities of the real Wild West. When looking back at this era, freedom, lawlessness, independence and self-determination seem to be what most people think of.

Why has Western fashion resurfaced?

The Wild West, as a setting for blockbuster movies, is not the only area that has drawn inspiration from this era. Fashion has also inevitably been influenced by the culture of the Wild West.

During the early to mid-19th century, cowboys traditionally wore denim or tartan shirts, spurs and chaps. Chaps were designed to protect cowboy’s legs from wild bushes and branches.

Clothing brand Rokit London defines bolero jackets, knee-length skirts and red gingham dresses as central clothing items for women at the end of the 19th century. Suede-fringed skirts also became popular while they came from Native American dresses.

Cowboy-inspired fashion today

It is clear from today’s fashion trends that Western fashion has gained immense popularity. Today, we see a mix of elements from both traditional male and female Western fashion for everyone. As Ella Sangster from Harper’s Bazaar stated, the cowboy aesthetic slowly reappeared in 2022, but “in 2024, the collective country obsession has reached fever pitch.”

One particular item that has become world-renowned is cowboy boots. With a simple Google search of “cowboy boots” you will most likely be overwhelmed with an abundance of different brands selling these. They range in colour, design, height and price range. However, this trend is not new; it is simply a trend that has gained great popularity.

According to an article from British Vogue, the cowboy boot trend was also popular during the 90s and early 2000s. Photos of Lady Diana in 1992 wearing brown cowboy boots and jeans are highlighted. This trend has also naturally reached the high fashion industry, with it being a highly popular item at 2024 Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Cowgirl core on TikTok

As many trends have taken over TikTok, the cowgirl aesthetic has also circulated the app. Many know this aesthetic as cowgirl core or cowgirl aesthetic on TikTok. Videos show different outfit ideas and ways to incorporate this era into your wardrobe. In the video below, outfit ideas for “Cool Cowgirl” are shown with a twist of  today’s office chic fashion trends:

It is important to highlight that today’s fashion inspired by the Wild West is not always traditional or uniform. Many people have taken different spins on this trend, adding their personal touch. It is not simply just cowboy fashion; it can also be mountain cowgirl, western cottage core, coastal cowgirl and much more.

This is also why many might find this trend fun and catchy, as the options for how you decide to do it are endless.

Celebrities embracing country

Everyone embraces the cowboy trend, from Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner to musical stars such as Post Malone and Lane Del Rey. Specifically, Bella Hadid has embraced the Western style trend since she started dating professional cowboy Adan Banuelos. Hadid also has a background as a horse rider since childhood, which makes this style look effortless for her. Vogue writer Christian Allaire describes Hadid’s style as a “rodeo-ready aesthetic” with a more sleek and refined touch.

Post Malone and Lana Del Rey have also found country music as a source of inspiration for their newest music. Previously, Post Malone was more known for his pop, R&B and rap music. However, in the past two years, Malone seems to be moving more towards his Texan roots in the form of country music. According to an article for Billboard, Malone has also been seen in studios with country singers such as Brad Paisley and Luke Combs.

Lana Del Rey has also teased new music for 2024 in the country spirit. She has announced her new album, Lasso, expected to be released in September 2024. The very name of the album suggests an album with a country twist.

Beyonce’s newest album, Cowboy Carter, released in March 2024, demonstrates the continuous popularity of country music in today’s music industry. As mentioned in an article for Harper’s Bazaar, Beyonce’s diverse musical abilities and skills are proven within any genre. The song TEXAS HOLD ‘EM has especially skyrocketed on the international music charts.

Overall, the fascination with the Wild West’s culture, fashion and music has been part of pop culture for decades. However, the rise of the cowgirl core aesthetic has specifically gained popularity in 2024. It is not simply one type of style but rather an element that can be sprinkled upon anyone’s style in many different ways.

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