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Snapchat Hotdog Photoshopped Into All Your Favorite Album Covers

What do you have for us today, Internet?

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First it was the barfing rainbow, and then it was the dog filter. But now the latest Snapchat craze is the dancing hotdog.

It’s so interesting to think about what humans find entertaining. And as of late, people can’t get enough of the breakdancing Snapchat hotdog with his sick moves and Beats-like headphones. Aside from being featured in every snap, the little guy has also become the star of new memes, funny pictures, and viral videos.

And now a group of talented photo-shoppers have taken everything one step further. These creative minds have taken to their computers and revamped all of your favorite album covers – this time with the hotdog man.

Take a look at the hilarity below:

album 2

al 3

al 4

al 5

al 6

al 7

al 8

Wonder what will take the internet by storm next?

Click here to see Snapchat gone wrong.

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