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Scottish Woman Wins McDonald’s VIP Gold Card

Scottish woman, Connie Bulloch, wins big in McDonald’s Monopoly.

Flickr/Rupert Ganzer

A woman in Scotland, Connie Bulloch, is one of the lucky people to have won one of 1,000 VIP Gold Cards in McDonald’s monopoly game.

We’ve had the Olympics, we’ve had the Euro’s, but now it’s time for the most anticipated event of the year! The McDonald’s Monopoly!!

Flickr/Mike Mozart

I’m sure many people will agree with me when I say that the McDonald’s Monopoly is the bane of my existence. I finally make the decision to start eating healthier and feel I should treat myself to one last binge. So I order the McDonalds, I lift out the fried from the bag, I look at the familiar red cardboard, and I see it. The question mark stickers. This is it, I think, I can’t stop eating McDonalds now! I might win something.

Unfortunately, the only thin most of us get from the McDonald’s Monopoly is heartburn, high cholesterol, and littles stickers hidden all over the house. But that isn’t the case for Connie Bulloch! “It was on a large fries and I remember I just sat it in my cup holder because I wasn’t sure what it was. Then I looked it up when I got home and seen there was only 1,000 of them.” Connie said.

Connie posted about her win on TikTok and since then has gone viral, gaining over 4 million views in only 24 hours.


I love you McDonald’s ##fyp Connie❤️s Ronald 4evaaa ##flex ##mcdonalds ##mcdonaldsmonopoly ##goldcard ##foryou ##iwinyoulose ##food

♬ Believe Me – Navos

The McDonald’s gold card entitles the owner to free McDonald’s food, specifically a free medium meal every week. For saving money, it’s brilliant, for staying healthy, not so much. But as everyone knows, when it’s free the calories don’t count.

Since winning, Connie has shared what she’s been ordering with her shiny gold card. Starting off with a 5 chicken select meal, fries, and a smoothie.


Who’s got Mayfair? ##mcdonalds ##goldcard

♬ original sound – ConnieBulloch

This isn’t the first competition McDonald’s have run, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. So maybe Connie should try her luck with future ones as well, you never know what you could win.

I think it’s safe to say I’ll be ordering a McDonald’s tonight hoping to join Connie in being one of the 1,000. Though knowing my luck, I’ll probably just win a fruit bag.

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