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Online Education Paves the Way for Globally Inclusive Learning

Ushering in a new era.

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Now that we live in the beginning of the digital era, practically every aspect of modern life has been fundamentally changed to its very core. This is especially true in the case of the education industry. Through the rise and ongoing further developments in digitalisation and technological advancement, education today is a far different landscape than education in its past decades. There have been many innovations in education that have all had their own unique impact, but perhaps the most positive of them all is the rise of online learning. But what exactly are the constructs of online learning, and what does it mean for traditional education standards, going forward? 

Introducing a new era in education 

Online learning was first introduced to the education industry as a measure brought into place by the international rise of digitalisation and technological advancement. When these modern innovations first disrupted the education industry, they made big moves in many ways, but the introduction of online education was by far the biggest. As a means of recognising the gaps in traditional education, and serving as a viable solution to close those gaps, online education started off considerably strong, and has moved effectively from strength to strength ever since. Now, online education I just as powerful, if not more so, than traditional learning. 

Paving the way for globally inclusive learning 

These days, online education has allowed for the room for every possible front in learning, including (but not limited to) online course materials, online assessment portals, entire online courses and degrees, and even, believe it or not, access to an online essay service. Online learning is paving the way for globally inclusive learning, and it is doing so by breaking down the two most significant barriers that traditional education has thrown up: geographical and financial limitations. While traditional education demands that students be in close proximity to campus’ to learn, as well as afford to pay their school fees either up front or in instalments, online education effectively breaks down both barriers. Geographically, by allowing anyone who has access to a reliable device and an internet connection to learn. And finally, by allowing students the chance to access education for a substantially smaller cost. 

Working in alignment with traditional academics 

The purpose of online education is not to entirely overtake traditional learning and teaching methods, but to instead work in collaboration with them to bridge important gaps and create a more inclusive future for everyone that wants access to education. That has always been the goal of online education, and that will continue to be the goal going forward. In working in alignment with traditional learning and teaching values, online education can and will bring to the forefront a future of education that is designed entirely and without exception to allow anyone who wants to have the opportunity to learn, to have that opportunity, without limitations by geographical or financial standards. That is the dream, and it is finally becoming a reality, thanks to online education. 

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