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Ohio Man Loses 20 Pounds In A Week Drinking Beer

Count me in.

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An Ohio man swore off food for all of Lent, but he will consume one thing … BEER.

He’s lost nearly 20 pounds in the first seven days, and his weight drops daily. How is this possible? Isn’t beer supposed to give us the dreaded beer belly? Apparently not. Let’s see how he does it.

He starts the morning with water and black coffee, no cream or sugar. Around lunchtime, he drinks a couple to kill his appetite and has another for a snack later. When it’s time for dinner, this guy crushes another 2 or 3 and calls it a day. That’s a lifestyle I can appreciate.

He got his strategy from monks in the 1800s who vowed to be attached to nothing, not even food. He wants to prove to himself that he isn’t addicted to eating. Starting at over 290 pounds, he currently weighs 272 pounds on day 12.

So to get things straight, if you don’t eat and drink only beer, then you’ll lose weight? Yup! This guy is walking proof  You can follow his journey on his Youtube channel for daily weigh-ins here.

Who else is trying this? Share with your drinking buddies and go hit the bars!For more like this, check out the world’s greatest beer run. 

For more like this, check out the world’s greatest beer run. 

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