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Odd Things Women Find Attractive About Men

Who’d have though?

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There are several common traits that women find attractive in men such as leadership qualities, the ability to be comfortable in their own skin, and the continual effort to better themselves. But then, what about those obscure qualities that women can’t seem to resist? Oddly enough, there are some characteristics that attract women which are entirely unexpected. 

Loves Animals 

Women love a guy who’s sensitive and caring. While a man may talk a good game, nothing will convince a woman how nurturing he is like caring for animals. Owning a pet is no small feat. They require an enormous amount of work, money, and responsibility, yet we still love them to pieces. When a man takes good care of his pets, it showcases how dependable and loving he is. 

The George Clooney Effect 

Many women won’t only find older men attractive, but more reliable and secure as well. More often than not, older men have attained financial stability and are ready for the commitment most younger men are still avoiding. As women become financially independent themselves, the more they value the achievements of older men. 


Believe it or not, men who have mastered that brooding look have captured the attention of numerous women. It manages to give off a mysterious and attractive vibe. Though women can’t decipher whether the bad boy look equates to any ability to commit or not, they still find it incredibly charming. 

Sleepy Voices 

That deep, raspy voice men have after waking up captivates women. Although women prefer a strong voice in general, something about how peaceful a man’s voice sounds in the morning without its natural assertiveness puts women at ease. 

Handyman Skills 

If a man can patch up something in a pinch or fix broken objects around the house, women automatically find him reliable. Women never realize how handy a guy is until the time comes to replace a tire or fix a leaky pipe. When a man can pull off a repair job successfully, his approval factor skyrockets. Unfortunately, if a man is at a loss for what to do when something isn’t functioning, women notice and it can be a real turn-off. 

Rugged Scent 

Women love the scent of a man who has just been through a hard day’s work. This is the one quality that men aren’t expected to maintain, though. More often than not, a man should practice good hygiene to stay in a woman’s good graces. However, now and then, when she sees a man who has toiled hard all day, she will find herself smitten. 

There are many more quirky ways to catch a woman’s attention. Don’t feel the need to change who you are just because you believe it will suit what a particular woman wants. There are plenty of women out there, and dating sites can help you find them. First and foremost, focus on your preferences and interests. Whether you’re looking to meet black women or date white girls online, you can search the websites for your potential matches, and then figure out if any of your unique qualities fit the bill. 

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