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Most Recommended Indoor Couples Activities in Basingstoke

South of England’s vibrant and bustling town Basingstoke needs to be on your radar. It is home to some of the best indoor activities for couples in the country; from experiencing historical places to modern-day adventures, it has it all. 

Photo by Joseph Reeder on Unsplash

South of England’s vibrant and bustling town Basingstoke needs to be on your radar. It is home to some of the best indoor activities for couples in the country; from experiencing historical places to modern-day adventures, it has it all. 

Whether you want to be thrown into the centre of all the action or want to stroll around the spectacular buildings from the past, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

So sit back, and relax as we highlight the most recommended indoor couples activities in Basingstoke: 

Exciting Escapes

If you haven’t tapped into the cultural phenomenon of an escape room, you’re in for a real treat at Basingstoke’s top-rated Exciting Escapes. There, you and your partner can embrace your inner detectives and see if you have what it takes to make your escape before time runs out!

Solve the mystery of the Disappearing Duchess as you step back to the 1800s. Unveil the inner workings of a 1950s spy ring. Or embrace your dark side and delve into a 1920s illicit gambling circle to uncover secrets! 

Fully immersive and placing you right in the heart of the action, Exciting Escapes offers one of the most unique experiences in town. And you can even dress up for the occasion. Have a rummage in the costume box, or come prepared in your era-inspired decadence to get fully into character!

Take your date night to the next level and learn new things about eachother in this one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you’re the new kids on the block or an escape room vet, Exciting Escapes is well worth a visit. 

Milestones Living History Museum

A visit to Milestones will leave you both inspired. Walk along the Victorian cobbled streets, quench your thirst at The Baverstock Arms or get competitive at the penny arcade! 

Petrol heads will get a kick out of all the vintage vehicles on display. Those with a sweet tooth will be dazzled by the confectionary on offer at the 1940s-inspired shop, Abrahams. And anyone with an eye for detail will be captivated by the incredible interactive displays, from the Victorian age through to the 1940s. 

With a spectacular array of events throughout the year combined with the museum’s captivating displays, it’s not difficult to imagine yourself walking through the past 200 years – all under one roof. 

The Anvil

Basingstoke’s iconic entertainment venue, The Anvil, is the perfect place to kick back with your loved one all year round. Offering a wide range of performances, you can watch everything from stand-up comedians to theatre, live music to panto, all from the comfort of your seat. 

Top-class comedians such as Sarah Millican, Romesh Ranganathan and Jon Richardson are well known for gracing the Anvil’s stage. From top-notch performances from 80s hero Boy George to insightful workshops, The Anvil is the perfect destination for date night! 

Andwell Brewery

Do you want to sample some of Basingstoke’s most exquisite local brews? Why not head over to Andwell Brewery and enjoy a tour or a tipple and a bite to eat at the stunning Brewhouse bar and cafe? 

First opening its doors in 2020, the brewery has come a long way from its roots. Launched in 2008, the dynamic husband and wife duo Adam and Helen Komrower started their shared adventure. Now you, too, can delight in their creations! 

Standing on the original Mote Hall, the Willis Museum and Salisbury Gallery has strong historical roots hidden beneath the surface. Jane Austen regularly frequented the dance hall there 200 years ago, and it once stood as Victorian Basingstoke’s Town Hall. 

Today, you can dive into Hampshire’s fascinating past through the rich archaeological heritage on display. From the frankly bizarre preserved Victorian wedding cake to artefacts unearthed from the town’s foundations, you’ll be amazed at the eclectic mix of ancient meets modern-day on offer. 

Basing House 

While many will get swept up in the romance of the expansive gardens, the interiors of Basing House are nothing short of a miracle. It was once the largest Tudor home in England. During its heyday, it was frequented by Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Philip II of Spain and Queen Mary I, who honeymooned there after their marriage in Winchester. 

Basing House also suffered under the hands of Oliver Cromwell during his reign of terror. It was attacked no less than three times during the English Civil War and still bears the scars after a heavy artillery attack led by Cromwell himself in 1645. 

While you’re there, make sure you pop into the Basing House museum. Situated in the walled garden area, the museum covers all aspects of its history from the Saxon age to the present day. Secrets are uncovered from the house’s rich archaeology, which exposes the house’s height of power and its ultimate downfall through the centuries. 

A perfect stop for history buffs, the romantics and anyone interested in culture and heritage, Basing House is well worth a visit! 

iFly Indoor Skydiving 

iFly Indoor Skydiving is the perfect destination for thrill seekers, adventures and couples who generally like to live life on the wild side! It boasts a fantastic super-fast wind tunnel that will make you feel like you’ve jumped out of an aeroplane. 

Take to the Ski Zone slopes and try your hand at skiing or snowboarding. With plenty of help and assistance from the iFly team, everyone’s skills are catered for. 

Later, buckle up for the fully immersive Paraflight VR experience. You can control both the physical and virtual home play by using a full range of motions to make you feel like you’re in the cockpit. 

Before you go, check out the Freedom Climber. You and your partner can challenge yourselves to take on the revolutionary rotating wall of fun and see if you can hold on and make your climb to the top! 

Did any of our most recommended indoor activities for couples catch your eye? From fully immersive, unforgettable experiences to following in the steps of some of history’s biggest names. Basingstoke is well worth a visit.

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