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Man Wakes Up in the Middle of a Church Service After Wild Night Out

Man posts viral video on TikTok of him waking up after a night out in a church.

Credit: Instagram/onefortheroad

If you are ever wondering if you went too hard at the bar, be sure to look for signs from above… because you are probably passed out in a church.

Although most of us are shy to admit it, but we have all been there after a night of drinking too much and waking up not where we should be. It’s always that pounding headache, room spinning, ‘I’m gonna puke’ morning after.

However, it is one thing to wake up at someone else’s house you don’t know, but it is something else entirely to wake up in a place of worship.

One half of the Irish Folk band, One For the Road, Ryan Mulligan enjoyed a night out with friends and woke up the next day without them, yet in a church. 

His snapchat was captioned, ‘The morning after the night before’. While the clergymen were going through the morning’s prayer, Mulligan was laying down on the upper floor of the church out of sight. I think it’s safe to say he seemed a bit out of it.

Since going viral, many followers had a lot to say in the comments:

‘‘He drank the wine,’ another wrote, referencing altar wine. ‘And then some,’ someone else replied adding laughing emojis

‘Holy god how did that happen,’ one asked, to which another replied, ‘That’s EXACTLY how it happened.’

Apparently, this is more normal than others may think. ‘Surprised this didn’t happen to us the weekend,’ one wrote. I guess more people expect to wake up in strange places after a night out.

After a night of drinking, the next morning can really suck. Here are 6 ways to cure your hangover this weekend.

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