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Man Dies On Plane After Ingesting 246 Bags Of Cocaine

A tragic end to life …

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Plane Cocaine – A Japanese man aboard a flight from Columbia to Japan dies after he ingested hundreds of bags of cocaine.

Plane Cocaine – Udo N, aged 42, was returning to Japan when he decided to ingest the harmful drugs out of fear of getting caught by Japanese authorities. He began suffering from seizures on the plane, which caused an abrupt stop in a city in Sonora, Mexico. He was pronounced dead upon landing.

After an autopsy was completed, it was revealed that Udo N died from a cerebral edema, which is essentially swelling of the brain, caused by a drug overdose. The cocaine bags (plane cocaine) burst causing the drugs to enter his system, killing him instantly. Forensics found many bags lodged in his stomach and intestines.

Plane Cocaine – It is known that cocaine is made from coca leaves in South America, where Udo N was traveling from. We can guess that he was probably working to smuggle the drugs back to his country, but we may never be sure what his true intent was. It isn’t uncommon for smugglers to swallow bags to avoid the risk of getting caught by security, but this amount was too much for one person. Maybe this will be a lesson for many people to think about their actions and possible consequences, like death.

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