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Lucky Numbers Around the World

Why do different places have different numbers?

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Every culture has its lucky and unlucky numbers. The number 13 is viewed as unlucky in many western countries while the number 7 is viewed as very lucky. This is a trend that’s seen worldwide with the number 8 being seen as lucky in Japan while 4 is viewed as an unlucky number. Everybody also has their own personal lucky numbers related to family, life events, birthdays, and more. An area where lucky numbers see a lot of use is the lottery. 

The lottery is based on picking the right numbers and many people have their own sets hoping to stand out from everyone else and strike it rich. Many long time lotteries, however, wonder if this is truly the best way to hit the jackpot. Should you pick your own personal numbers or are their numbers that statically have better odds of creating a winning ticket? 

Sadly, the question the luckiest numbers for winning the lottery isn’t one with a precise answer if it was that easy nobody would ever lose when playing the lottery. That being said there are methods to improve your odds of winning and while no method grantees success every little bit helps. 

Picking The Numbers 

There are many different methods you can use when selecting lottery numbers. 

  • Computer Generated Or Quick Picks: despite the hard work many people put into picking their lottery numbers many winning tickets are still based on quick picks and letting your numbers be randomly generated doesn’t decrease your odds of winning. 
  • Random Number Programs: another method of picking random numbers is to use a random number generator program or app. Unlike using a quick pick when buying your ticket a number generator creates a set of numbers that you then request when buying your ticket. Some number generators are specifically lottery focused and allow you to request number sets based on a specific lottery. 
  • Use Frequently Picked Numbers: a common method when taking a strategic approach is to choose numbers that have a high chance of being selected. Many lotteries put out frequency charts so you can see which numbers have a history of being selected. 

Other Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery 

In addition to picking the right numbers its important to have the right approach when playing the lottery. If you just stick to the biggest games you may be missing out on other ways to win. 

  • Play Smaller Lotteries: when playing the lottery remember there are several smaller lotteries that do not get nearly as much media coverage as the nationwide and larger lottery drawings. While the winnings of these smaller lotteries may not be as large as national lotteries they still offer prizes and a smaller pool of competitors. 
  • Scratch-Offs: while scratch-offs may not be as luxurious (or as large) as a national lottery there is still money to be made and prizes to be won. Scratch off tickets are easily ignored due to smaller prize caps but they offer better odds of winning and in many cases, it’s very easy to make your money back at the very least. 
  • Take Advantage of Second Chance Games: many lotteries offer second chance games where your losing ticket is entered into a raffle for a smaller cash prize. This gives you the opportunity to see if your losing ticket can still be a winner. Many players ignore this game as the jackpots are smaller however if the lottery you’re playing offers this it is certainly worthwhile to enter a second chance drawing. 

Final Thoughts 

As the above shows, there are many different ways to pick the winning numbers in the lottery. While an improved strategy certainly helps it’s important to remember the lottery, like all games of chance, does not guarantee success even with the best plans and methods. That being said picking numbers creatively and not ignoring smaller games and second chances give you a greater chance of success. 

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