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Louis Theroux Can’t Handle Casual Sex

Spin zone: dude’s just trying to impress his wife.

Famous BBC documentary filmmaker has seen a bunch of shit in his life but can’t wrap his head around casual sex.

In preparation for his upcoming 3-part documentary series called “Dark States”, a look into some of America’s worse living conditions, Theroux gave a very interesting interview to Radio Times.  In it, he opens up about what still bothers him.

“As odd as it may sound, there are things that shock me. Like infidelity. I’m always trying to get my head around casual intimacy, casual sex. Or sex that is paid for.”

For someone that literally once travelled with neo-nazis it’s funny to think that he’s uncomfortable with one-night stands or a old fashioned friends with benefit situation. He continues talking about prostitution and his interactions he had in the upcoming documentary.

“I hear from women who are selling their bodies and giving all the money to their pimp, then I discover they were abused as kids and associate love with abuse and suddenly it all makes a bit more sense.”

That’s some real interesting psychoanalysis for someone that can’t wrap his head around the thought of casual intimacy. Despite his inability to understand flings and hook-ups, his newewst documentary looks as interesting as all of his other renowned work. Check out the first trailer below!

And for more Louis Theroux, check out his face’s travel around the world!

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