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LA’s 5 Most Haunted Locations: Would Dare to Visit Them in Person?

You’ll recognise some of these place for sure.

Credit: Alissa Walker/Wikimedia

Los Angeles is iconically known as the City of Angels… but little did people know that LA is not only the City of Angels, it’s also the city of ghosts, demons, and tons of paranormal activity. Being haunted isn’t people’s usual initial thoughts when thinking of the city but does it honestly come as a surprise to you? It shouldn’t… Every city has its own skeletons in the closet and LA has a pretty big closet to house them all.

For most LA newbies and first-timers, visiting haunted locations isn’t exactly what they would call their ideal tour of the city. Most people want to go to the typical tourist locations like the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Santa Monica Pier, and that’s fine… those locations are great to see but sometimes, in order to get a full experience of a city, you have to, not only experience the tourist side of things, but you also want to explore the unusual aspects of the city as well.

For example, Sydney, Australia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, the Sydney Opera House, and the Royal Botanical Gardens, but little do people know that Sydney is also home to one of the most paranormal roads in Australia, Wakehurst Parkway. The road is notorious for fatal crashes and it’s even been the location where murder victims have been discovered throughout the years.

It’s pretty plain to see that every city has its dark history, so don’t let your trip to LA be one where you don’t explore the atypical side.

If it makes you feel any better, you don’t have to explore these haunted LA locations by yourself. One of the best ways to see these locations is to first plan for it to be a large group visiting LA. By having a large group, you’ll be able to rent a charter bus at an affordable price and see these hauntingly famous locations all while riding in comfort. The important thing is to carve some time out of your LA sightseeing tours to get a glimpse of LA’s darker side.

The interesting thing about these haunted locations is that they’re still connected to the glamourous side of Hollywood but they always end in tragedy. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed ghost hunter or simply are fascinated with the ghosts of Hollywood’s past, visiting some of Los Angeles’ most haunted locations will not only give you goosebumps, but it will actually give you a little more insight on some of the world’s most iconic tragedies.

LA’s 5 Most Famously Haunted Locations

1.   American Horror Story’s “Murder House”

Rosenheim Mansion is a historic landmark but it’s also the house where American Horror Story’s first season “Murder House” took place. In the show, the house was swarming with ghosts that would frequent the home. In real life, the same could be said as well.

According to the home’s new owners, the home is haunted by two ghosts but the most hauntings come from fans of the thrilling show. According to, the owners sued the brokers for allegedly not disclosing that the home was haunted and for not disclosing that the home appeared on a TV series.

It’s perfectly understandable why that couple was upset but come on… it’s the house on the first season of American Horror Story, and actually the best season… who HASN’T seen the legendary show!

2.   The Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle

For so long, the Bermuda Triangle was thought to only be found in the North Atlantic Ocean, but little do people know that there is a haunted version of the dangerous triangle located right in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills is known for all things upscale, but in this particular area of 90210, there’s an odd presence that makes very strange things happen while driving on this stretch of road (quite similar to Sydney’s Wakehurst Parkway). Celebrities have either died or have had near-death experiences driving on this road.

Could it be that people just need to pay more attention to the road or is there truly a strange presence here? Most people believe the latter… So be careful out there, especially if you find yourself in the Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle.

3.   Sanders “Thriller” House

We all know and love Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. Well, what if the very house that was attacked by zombies, was actually haunted itself? How awesome would that be! This Victorian-style home was built in 1887 and owned by Michael Sanders, a warehouse owner.

There actually haven’t been any true accounts of haunted sightings here but this location is extremely popular around Halloween. But what it’s most famously known for is being the very location where Michael Jackson did an impressive dance number with zombies!

4.   “The Entity” House

“The Entity” House is famous for the repeated abuse and assault of homeowner Doris Bither. Bither claimed to have been raped and assaulted by three spirits in 1974. Her sons actually witnessed these attacks and due to the violence that occurred in the home, the family fled and moved to a new home. Unfortunately, the violent forces that tormented her followed her to their new home. These unfortunate events are also the inspiration behind the 1981 horror film “The Entity.”

5.   Boris Korloff’s Rose Garden

Boris Korloff was an actor that was famously known for his roles in horror films, particularly in his role as Frankenstein. But little did people know that when he wasn’t blazing the horror screens, he was exercising his green thumb, tending to his garden at home. It’s been said that he willed a spot in his garden to his friends. So when they died, their ashes could be sprinkled in his garden… talk about a real-life horror scene!

There’s so much to see and do in LA but while you’re checking out the Hollywood sign and shopping on Rodeo Dr, don’t forget to check out the darker side of the beautiful “City of Angels.”

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