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Jim Carrey Branded a ‘Sexist’ After Posting a Joke of Melania Trump

Find out why some believe Jim Carrey is a sexist.

Credit: Twitter / @JimCarrey

Jim Carrey’s most recent Twitter post of the First Lady, Melania Trump, has left many debating whether he is the left’s advocate or just a sexist. 

Instantly people replied to Carrey’s caricature where he stated, “Oh…and goodbye worst first lady…” 

Lines were drawn as fans and critics fumed over each other’s comments. Some respect Carrey’s political expression through the medium of art. Others perceive this post unveils the actor’s sexist behavior. 

Credit: Twitter / @JimCarrey

One person replied by commenting, “Absolutely appalling to attack the first lady who did her job with grace and dignity and got nothing but criticism from everyone on the left.”

Another wrote: “I use to like you, now I’m going to have to burn my Grinch DVD. Thx for nothing!”

Surely Carrey’s post cost him a couple of fans, but others admire his bravery and unapologetic character.  

Quick to come to his defense, a person wrote: “He is an actor/comedian that portrays men and women and makes people laugh. Which means no one is safe from being made fun of.”

Meanwhile, some fans interpreted the post to be more a critique than a joke. 

“LOVE this!! And YOU!! Keep expressing yourself through your art!! If she wanted to be pictured in a better light, she should have performed better in the spotlight! Just saying!” wrote a user. 

For the most part, however, the post received more than 37,000 likes and many retweets. The idea he is a sexist is up to debate. 

I will let you decide. Is Jim Carrey a sexist, or merely expressing his opinion of what he believes to be an incompetent first lady?

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