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Here Are The Top 5 Things You Can Do Instead of Worry About the Election

Those battleground states got you stressed? Check out our top five things to do to take our minds off things.

Credit: Michael Stokes/Wikimedia

Last night, election week began, and the votes have started rolling in. And after President Trump falsely declared victory, we’re still waiting on results from several key states. Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania still have yet to count all the ballots.

The waiting is stressful, yes, and the country is on edge, fearing post-election riots and unrest. It’s hard to look away from the AP’s live election results counter, but we know that things won’t be finished until at least Thursday, and possibly longer, as the Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit to stop counting ballots in Georgia. 

So instead of stressing yourself out with all the waiting, especially when it might be a while, we’ve created a list of our top five things to do instead of staring at your screen.  

Credit: axel795/Pixabay

1. Among Us 

Play some Among Us. Yes, okay, technically you’re still staring at your screen, but this game is fun. Like really fun. You can play online or on wifi with four to ten players, as you work together to keep your spaceship afloat. But there’s an imposter among you! And you have to vote him out before he kills off your entire crew. It’ll keep you busy for hours.

Credit: Michi-Nordlicht/Pixabay

2. Deep Clean

Whether it’s your room, refrigerator, computer, or your entire house, you can’t go wrong with a nice deep clean. And a true deep clean can take hours, ensuring time away from your screen. I just did this today, and hoping Biden’s numbers go up while sitting in a clean living room definitely beats sitting amongst all the mess. 

Credit: konkarampelas/Pixabay

3. Tik Tok

Find some Tik Tok accounts you really like. You can start here. I could literally spend hours scrolling. And if Tik Tok isn’t really your thing, perhaps flock to YouTube. Spend some time watching some epic fails or makeover videos. Or you can even hit up Netflix to watch some movies you haven’t seen yet. 

Credit: Steven DePolo/Flickr

4. Get Outside 

Get outside! A nice hike, run, or socially distanced walk with some friends gossiping, humming, or appreciating some fall weather might do you some good. Find a local trail you have yet to explore, a nearby park, or just stroll around your neighborhood. Whatever path you end up choosing, you’ll burn some cals, have some fun, and maybe even get your mind off this election for a minute or two. 

Credit: pxfuel

5. Do Some Baking

Chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin muffins, slutty brownies, or whatever ingredients are calling to you from your pantry can definitely distract for a few hours. And once you’re finished baking, you can do some dishes or enjoy your delicious treats, taking even more time away from your screen. Or perhaps bag some baked goods up and bring them to your neighbors! We could all use a pick-me-up this week. 

Once you’ve finished one (or all five) of our suggestions, or if you just absolutely just can’t get enough of the election, check out some more updates here

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