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From Struggling With Addiction to Opening a World-Class Recovery Center, Find Out How Marc Ryan Effron is Helping the World Become a Better Place

How he did it.

Marc Ryan Effron is the co-founder of Legacy Healing Center, a world-renowned facility used to treat thousands of drug and alcohol addicts through a holistic approach. Before founding Legacy Healing Center, Marc had found success as a vice president of a major investment firm in the United States. However, despite all the success Marc has had in his life, he always struggled severely with substance abuse and lost almost everything he had.

Marc’s story

Growing up in Lynn, Massachusetts, Marc was raised by his mother and stepfather. Despite having a difficult childhood himself, Marc excelled at developing and building relationships, a skill set that was a fundamental part of his life’s success. 

Working in the finance industry in his early twenties, Marc began experiencing massive triumphs and was promoted several times; eventually working his way up to the position of vice president.

Although his career appeared successful, Marc always felt something was missing. The lack of fulfillment led Marc down a dark path, perhaps stemmed from his troublesome childhood. At 24, Marc was a distinguished executive; by 30, he had lost it all. Turning to drugs and alcohol to mask the empty feeling he had inside, Marc’s life began spiraling out of control. He was estranged from his family, became homeless, and continued to fall downhill.

How Legacy Healing was formed

After visiting several treatment facilities, Marc was able to pull himself out of this dark place and found his new calling. While visiting these treatment centers himself, he identified that none of them treated addiction through a more personalized approach. He realized there need for a more holistic method to healing and he knew he was the one who had to do this for others. 

Seeing South Florida as the perfect location for his facility, Marc took action and opened his clinic. By leveraging his prior experience in business management and leadership, Marc was able to design a program that prioritizes addressing the underlying causes of addiction while providing clients with resources to support lifelong recovery and community engagement.

Legacy Healing Center started as a three-bed pilot program quickly grew to a multi-state treatment group with more than 155 beds and over 200 well looked after staff members. Marc contracts with large companies such as American Airlines and focuses on providing corporate mental health training.

Advice from Marc

As he continues to build out Legacy and help more individuals recover, Marc is always trying to help new entrepreneurs succeed in their own business too. A caring father and entrepreneur himself, Marc advises all business owners to have a genuine love for their clients and teammates, as that is how you build real relationships and loyalty. He advises his peers to understand perseverance is a key ingredient to success, and no matter what happens, you have to just keep on going! Marc’s indomitable mindset has shown that you can succeed no matter what circumstances come into your life. 

 We look forward to continuing to see Marc and his team grow!

 To keep up to date with him, shoot Marc a message on Instagram.

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