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Free T-Shirts Trick Far-Right Protesters For St. George’s Day

On St. George’s day, racist protesters were given a big surprise after provided with free t-shirts.

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On Tuesday, the English celebrated St. George’s Day. Unfortunately, many of those who celebrated did so in a racist protest. T-shirts, however, saved the day, giving protesters a big surprise.

The far-right protesters used the cross as a way to fit their own views, giving a racist twist on the word “purity”, as well as the red and white colors of the flag of England. This ignorance was thankfully addressed in the simple passing out of free t-shirts.

Tell MAMA, or, Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks, is a project based in the United Kingdom that focuses on anti-muslim hate incidents. The project came up with the clever idea of handing out 100 free t-shirts to the far-right protesters. While seemingly harmless, the t-shirt having an image of St. George’s cross with the saying “Free St. George’s Cross”, quickly tricked the protesters who wore them. As the sun heated up the secretly heat-sensitive shirt, the slogan turned to “St. George was Syrian #DefendDiversity.”

After watching this video, I had myself a nice nod of satisfaction. I can only imagine what it was like when those protesters, all yelling for the same racist beliefs, looked at each other and saw the opposing liberal slogan. I’m sure it brought quite a few prideful chuckles for Tell MAMA.  

Hopefully the prank opened the eyes of some of those far-right protesters as they read the facts off of each other’s shirts. St. George was a man of diversity, not an inlet for xenophobia.

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