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Why Was This Tuna Was Sold For $1.8 Million?

Find out the secret behind this expensive food.

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If we asked you to think of the most expensive thing you had ever eaten, we bet you wouldn’t say tuna. Since cans of the stuff can cost as little £2, we can see why.

However, different types have differing values, and also separate cuts of fish are cost dependent. Canned tuna is Albacore, which is smaller and abundant within the ocean. The expensive stuff is bluefin tuna and you find it in most high-end sushi restaurants.

Bluefin is often caught in Japan and America. However, there are different customs regarding the selling. In Japan, the huge fish are auctioned off. It is symbolic for the first fish, of the first auction of the year to be sold at a high price. That’s why in 2013 a 489-pound bluefin sold for $1.8 million.

What is the most you’ve paid for food?

When cut into pieces, it is like the parts of beef that vary in price due to the fat content, how big they are and the taste. The diet of the fish also influences the taste, with farmed bluefin tasting of the sardines they are forced fed. Wild tuna has a milder taste due to their varied diet. Also be wary of Pacific bluefin not from Japan as has been dangerously over-fished in the past.

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