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Tips For First Time Users of Gummy Edibles

What you should do.

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Edibles might seem very delicious and harmless, and they’re mostly so. If it’s your first time, it may seem like a good idea to treat them like candy or treats. However, they serve a different purpose.  

First off, marijuana edibles are a huge market. According to industry projections, the market is expected to be worth  $4.1 billion by 2022. One reason for this is that a good number of states have already legalized marijuana edibles, which means they are easily accessible.  

However, consuming  CBD edibles gummies  is very tricky. It’s not uncommon for some first-timers to freak out after eating some edibles without adequately educating themselves on the possible effects. They’re not quite aware that sometimes the high wouldn’t kick in until later, then they end up ingesting a greater number of gummies than they’re prepared for.  

You need to know that there are four main categories of edibles, which are as follows:  

  • Indica only  
  • Sativa only 
  • Pure CBD 
  • Hybrid (a blend of sativa and indica) 

Below given are a few tips as to how to make your first time a more pleasant experience. 

  1. Start slow– As to the dose, you need to start with the lowest possible potency. You can slash each of the CBD edibles gummies in half, for instance. The standard dosage for most people is 5mg of THC. So, when saying slow, you can start with 2mg of THC and wait to see how your body responds. You can take the other half later. For people with experience in edibles, it takes about 10mg of THC to get the desired effects. A typical edible would come in 10mg dose, and that’s why you should cut it in half. 
  2. Patience is a virtue– Edibles are absorbed by your digestive system, which results in a more delayed effect. When you smoke weed, the results would be faster. Even if it’s your first time, you won’t likely feel high within 20 minutes. Some people also take hours before the effects kick in. While the high takes a bit longer to kick in, the duration for which it lasts will be longer. So, don’t just stuff a fistful of edibles into your mouth because you don’t feel anything.  
  3. There are other factors at play– When first-time users consume edibles for the first time, why is it that the high takes effect at different times for different individuals? That’s because several factors might affect how your body will respond to it. For instance, the type of food you eat and how long since you’ve had your meal before taking the edible is a factor. Unlike alcohol, the effects will kick in sooner if you have a full stomach. Another factor is how quick your liver processes the compound. 

Figuring out the right dose for you is not an exact science. This is why it’s a good idea that you start low. Once you gain more experience under your belt and know what to expect, then you can begin to experiment. 

For edibles, vapes, and other CBD products, you can shop online and look for a legitimate website that sells quality products. Make sure you do your research.  

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