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Perfecting The Art Of Crafting The Perfect Espresso At Home

Learn something useful whilst in isolation!

Drinking coffee can soothe inflammation, protect your brain from dementia, and even help you lose weight, according to a study conducted at the Harvard T.C. Chan School of Public Health. There aren’t many better reasons to whip out your grinder and get to work crafting the perfect espresso! Some days, coffee is a true work of art; others, you just need the caffeine in your system as quickly as possible. Regardless of your morning mood, there are certainly ways to get your espresso fix at home.
Time To Get Geeky
If you enjoy nerding out, then homemade espresso is for you. You’ll need the proper gear and equipment to make sure your morning cup of Joe turns out just right. Be sure to have a set of digital scales and a timer on hand to make sure you measure everything just right. A quality grinder can make all the difference in the consistency of your grounds. There are a number of counter and stove-top machine options, but mocha pots are not recommended. Stick with pour over stands and siphons when possible. Be sure to thoroughly clean your equipment in between brews for best taste results: residue can really affect your next cup.
Focus On The Details
If you’ve ever watched a barista at work, you might notice that they seem to always be multitasking. From grinding the beans in just the right way to keeping an eye on water temperature, there are a handful of critical components to making good espresso. Whether you’re a pour over pro or are new to the world of espresso, it’s important to keep in mind that the details are what matter. For example, pay attention to the roast date listed on your coffee beans: between about nine and 11 days after they’ve been roasted is typically the best time to use them. Also, you’ll need to perfectly time your extraction, which is the amount of time between turning the flow of water on and off. The recommended amount of time is 30 seconds.
Coffee Shop Creations
According to the Forbes, more than half of the coffee consumed daily in the U.S. falls under the “gourmet” classification, and this is similar in the U.K. No matter how you like your coffee, you probably prefer it fancy on many occasions. Let’s face it, consuming well-crafted caffeine out and about is always better than having to make it at home. Modern cafes are full of culture, ambience, and of course, beautiful industrial-strength espresso machines capable of customising the coffee for the clientele. There’s just nothing better than enjoying a casual morning out while a coffee scientist whips up the most delightful creation just for you. The quality will always trump what you can make at home, from the beans to the presentation.
Most of us know that heavenly first sip of a well-made latte or shot of espresso and how it hits just the right spot. When you take the time to learn how to make it at home, it can make all the difference to your day. Or better yet, find a local coffee shop to support and stop in each week for a caffeinated treat.

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