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Food Trends That Captured The Palate In 2019

Food that took the world by storm.

Photo by Yichao Zhong on Unsplash

In 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 36 percent of U.S. adults eat fast food on a regular basis. In fact, Americans spend around 40% of their food budget eating out. That is why it is not surprising to learn that a food retailer would offer to pay someone to eat junk food every day. With the latest food trends on the rise, along with ease of accessibility and affordability; People are looking to try out new methods of dining. So from modern methods to fermented products, check out these food trends that captured America’s palate in 2019. 

Restaurant-Quality Cooking Methods

These days, more home cooks are trying their hands on some of the best-kept secrets of chefs and restauranteurs in the kitchen. Thanks to the instructional videos posted in blogs or YouTube, regular people are now more knowledgeable about the complicated cooking methods. One of these is the sous vide method. It is perfect for those who are constantly craving good food but has no time to cook. For this cooking method, we must place common ingredients like meat inside a vacuum-sealed heat-proof plastic pouch. The food item will be submerged in a water bath for several hours under a regulated temperature.  As a result, these simple steps will create a perfectly cooked meal.  Other home cooks even invest in special sous vide machines such as a water oven or an immersion circulator

Love for Exotic Cuisine

The world is slowly getting acquainted with the food that the Philippine cuisine has to offer. In 2018, several Filipino restaurants all over the US received positive raves for their versions of adobo, the country’s signature dish. The influence that comes from its Spanish colonizers and its Asian neighbors like Malaysia and China resulted in a pleasant combination of savory, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors that all blend well in the mouth. Other popular fares from this cuisine include the lumpia, spring rolls, and sinigang; a tamarind-based soup.

Fermented Beverage Trends

Expect to see more beverage choices in stores, thanks to the emergence of the spontaneous fermentation method. This new brewing technique does not need additional yeast, as it uses the same principle of wine or vinegar making. In return, this method gives beer one-of-a-kind flavors. Also, more mixologists are willing to work on different flavors brought by various herbs, bitters, teas, and other fermented products to create “healthier” cocktails. 

Since the world of food constantly revolves, people can expect to see new trends on the rise in the coming years. They may also notice the return of various food items that were already forgotten from the years before, such as the previous trend comebacks of boba and milk tea this year. 

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