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A Texas Brewery Has Released a Beer Mixed With Buffalo Chicken Sauce

Time to drunkenly spice up your life.

Credit: @Wombat_Matt / Twitter

Well, if there’s two things that you can categorically associate with America, it’s beer and wings, specifically buffalo. So, I guess it begs the question; why has it taken so long for a company to combine the two?

The brewery which came up trumps is Texan based brewery, Martin House Brewery (of course, Texas did it first.) They teamed up with the legendary Red Hot Sauce company to create the acquired tasting beer, Buffalo Wangz. Red Hot Sauce has long-relied on a marketing campaign that claims you can “put that shit on everything.”

Here’s how they decided to promote their beer on Instagram…

It does beg the question however, why not just eat buffalo wings… whilst simultaneously drinking a beer? Because that’s not how Texans do it. Obviously. The versatility of the product appears to be selling itself too, cook with it, drink it or pour it on your wings… your prerogative.

The colour of the beer is somewhat questionable, but the reviews so far are positive for the product.

The advertising for Buffalo Wangz is simple yet effective. “Literally a Buffalo Wing sauce beer.” Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Sadly for anyone outside Texas, the beer is only available if you visit the taproom. But, if you’re in Texas, then you can get your hands on a four-pack of the beer for $18. Whilst it’s arguable that this beer may not be for everyone, its taste is certainly intriguing.

Think your pooch could be jealous of you drinking your beer? Never fear, there’s always an alternative.

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