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6 Tips & Tricks Every Nespresso Owner Should Know

Make the best cup of coffee you’ve ever made.

Are you looking for ways to maximize your usage of your Nespresso Machine? If you are, then check these six tips and tricks that every Nespresso user must know and do. Not only that this will help you maximize your experience, but this can also help you save time, effort, and even cost. 

      1. Prime Your Nespresso Machine

Priming your Nespresso Machine is very beneficial in the process. Also, it warms up the cup and the group head. Plus, it rinses the group head, as well, which is very beneficial to your machine and drink. 

This does not take too long as most of the heat time only takes 25 seconds. Start by putting the cup under the same way you do when you are making coffee. 

Turn on the machine but without the pod. Next, press the Lungo or Espresso button. Once you notice that the water has stopped, open your Nespresso and place the pod in. Afterwards, empty the cup filled with water, and press the button. 

  1. Buy Your Nespresso Capsules In Advance

Buying your Nespresso Capsules in advance is a great way to save time and effort. Just like in anything that you do, preparing in advance is very beneficial. And so is when using your Nespresso Machine. If you are afraid of spilt capsules here and there in your kitchen, get a Nespresso pod holder to hold them evenly without much mess. 

Every Nespresso user has attested that having a stock of extra capsules at home has always provided benefits and advantages. This way, you can omit all the risk of waiting for the next batches of order to arrive. 

  1. Use Filtered Water With Your Nespresso Machine

Keep in mind that 90 percent or more of your coffee drink is water. This is why it is very recommendable to choose the finest quality of water when using your Nespresso Machine. 

For better, or even best, results, opt to use fresh and filtered water when making your coffee with the use of the machine. Aside from experiencing the best taste of coffee, this will also help the performance and longevity of the machine. 

As it happens, fresh and filtered water can eliminate the risks of having “build-ups of limescale” in the interiors of the machine. So, in a way, this is also a form of maintenance and care. 

  1. Clean Your Nespresso Machine Often

Your Nespresso Machine will always get dirty and messy every after use. The brew basket and brew head are always exposed to having residues because of the oils and coffee grains. So, it is essential that you always clean the machine every after use. 

Eject the used capsule after the brew preparation. Also, use running hot water when cleaning the basket and the head. 

Do not forget to clean the tray of the machine, as well, since it will always have stagnant water in it. Therefore, wipe it, as well, every after you use the machine. 

  1. Try Different Compatible Capsules

Aside from the Nespresso Capsules, there are tons of capsules from the market that are compatible with a Nespresso Machine. Try to explore your options by purchasing some of it alongside your usual capsules. 

Some of the most popular Nespresso-compatible capsules are the ones from High Line Coffee in New York. Just like Nespresso, they also offer tons of varieties to choose from. You will never know which one’s are the best unless you try them. 

  1. Experiment With Other Brew Methods

Nespresso Machine is a very convenient brewing tool for a decent Espresso coffee. But, with this machine, you can also try several other brewing methods that will enhance your taste for coffee. 

So, instead of sticking into one or two methods, try to experiment with other brewing processes. You can also check other materials for references to further help you in the process. 

Maximize Your Nespresso Machine 

Nespresso Machine is an investment. As an investment, you must take good care of it and maximize its functionalities. And these six tips and tricks will certainly make your machine worth it. So, try to do them today and see for yourself! 

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