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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Keto

The latest diet trend.

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The newest dieting trend that seems to be gaining popularity with Silicon Valley coders and suburban housewives alike, is the Ketogenic diet or as it’s popularly called Keto. This diet evolved from the ashes of the Paleo diet trends and promises not only fat burning but increased energy and concentration throughout your day. While science has still not made its mind up about the effectiveness of the diet, for those that do choose to go and stay Keto, the results. So for all those Keto curious persons out there, here are the 3 things you didn’t know about Keto.  

Keto was not developed for weight loss 

Keto or the ketogenic diet was developed in 1921 by Russel Wilder to treat pediatric epilepsy. Nowadays the keto diet is used to treat epilepsy in both adults and children, usually only in the segment of  patients that have refractory epilepsy, i.e. epilepsy that does not respond to 2 optimally chosen epileptic drugs. As epilepsy is a disorder that if affected by the metabolism and diets such as Keto aim to bring about radical changes in one’s metabolism, a change in diet has long been looked upon as a possible treatment for epilepsy. In the Hippocratic collection, the recorded therapeutic measures employed against epilepsy was fasting; and in truth the Keto diet is meant to replicate the fasting state in your body, without actually fasting.  

It changes the source of energy in your body. 

The aim of Keto as stated previously is to bring about changes in your metabolism. The Ketogenic diet does that by lowering your carbohydrate intake below a certain level, controlling your level of protein intake and drastically increasing your fats and lipids intake. What does this do? Normally your body gains energy when your cells metabolise carbohydrates. However this is not the only fuel your body can run on, your body has a Plan B in cases where there are not enough carbohydrates for you to burn, then your body starts to turn to fats. This state is called ketosis and actually is the state your body would go in if it were starving.  

3. Keto is a High Fat diet 

The Keto diet aims to increase your fat and lipid intake to about 80%-90% of your diet. So that when your body enters this state of Ketosis it has enough fats available to burn for energy. Essentially the diet aims to change the main fuel source of your cells from carbohydrates to fats. This of course will result in weight loss as the fat in your body is thrown into the pyre to keep the fires burning, and the additional fats you ingest become the new coal that your body runs on. This high-fat diet does not mean that you can endlessly eat all the greasy cheeseburgers in the world to your heart’s content as the Keto diet actually calls for the ingestion of healthy fats that can be found in eggs and avocados.  

The Keto diet may not be for everybody, but for some -like those suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy, obesity and Type II diabetes- it could be just what the doctor ordered. For years persons that followed these restrictive diet stipulations may have missed out on regular experiences. However, with the rise in popularity of Keto diets for the healthy, there are more keto meal delivery service options available. People who may have never before been able to order food for delivery now have keto food delivery options. There are now even chefs who specialise in Keto meals, for instance the chefs at Sarefoods which offers food delivery in St. Louis. 

With its recent rise in popularity Keto food options are more bountiful than they were ever before, for those that depend on the Keto diet to function, this is an unexpected benefit. As for its use as a weight loss tool, the science seems to say that it would logically be effective.Those who are on the diet seem to thrive, whatever your view, you now know 3 facts about the Ketogenic diet.  

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