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Ross Kemp Explores Hidden Shanti Town For Cocaine Users

Part of Ross Kemp’s Extreme World.

Ross Kemp explores a hidden area within a shanty town of Rio De Janeiro.

Agreements for the area were put in place that the drug lords would not sell on their own turf, however, someone hasn’t paid any attention to that.

As we can see in this video there is a group of around 70 to 80 people living in this one derelict building shooting crack together.

By staying there they are stuck in this cycle and without getting out and having help from the outside they are never going to get away from the drug.

Is this to hide them or keep them using?

Ross Kemp is showing us that although they are living a hard life there it is even harder for them to get out and get help.

Not that all of them want to.

Being in charge of this den is no light feet but the guy here tells us he has rules. How he knows when those rules are being broken when he is so high I don’t understand.

But it gives the illusion of power and order.

It makes you think how many more places like this are there? Is there something like this near me?

These guys are not the only ones on crack, check out the new Lacoste logo!

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