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‘Meth – We’re On It,’ Proclaims South Dakota

South Dakota’s new anti-drugs campaign has raised a few eyebrows as people wonder what message they’re trying to portray.


When you think of anti-drug campaigns you probably imagine pictures of people suffering from the effects drug use, warnings about the risks involved and overall pretty terrifying message about what can happen if you take drugs. However, South Dakota decided to do things a little differently…

Instead of highlighting the major dangers around taking drugs, South Dakota decided to tell the world that they’re on meth. 

The state’s USD $450,000 (£348,000 / AUD $660,000) ‘Meth – We’re On It’ campaign was unveiled on Monday by South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem to raise awareness of the state’s growing methamphetamine problem.

“South Dakota’s meth crisis is growing at an alarming rate. It impacts every community in our state, and it threatens the success of the next generation,” Noem said in a public service announcement. “This is our problem, and together, we need to get on it.”

However, the campaign has raised a few eyebrows as it seems to imply that everyone pictured in the ad is addicted to meth and people haven’t been shy in voicing their opinions about it online: 

Governor Noem doesn’t seem fazed by the widespread ridiculing and backlash against the campaign. Instead she highlights its success in starting the conversation around the issue. 

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