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The Dinner Party Secrets To Wow Your Guests

How to impress.

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Everybody is throwing dinner parties these days; it’s the new version of hitting the club. And why not? It’s much better to gather your friends and have a get together that involves consuming vast amounts of tasty food and drink than paying over the odds to stand in a loud, packed club downtown. But with everyone getting on board the dinner party train, it takes a little bit more to make an impression on your guests. Below, we take a look at a few simple additions that’ll give your party the ‘wow’ factor. Staying in never felt so good.

All Style, All Substance

Hey, it’s not only the taste of the food on the plate that’s important; how it’s presented also plays a big role. After all, you’re not just eating: you’re creating a dining experience. You can go for the tried and tested classic white dinner plate, or you can try something else that’s a bit more creative. Have you been to a hipster bar? It’s all about slates and bare wood these days. Whatever plates you use, take care presenting your food. And remember, monochromatic food is boring, so mix it up with a few different colours.

Well…That’s Different

OK, we’ll be honest: steaks are pretty darn tasty, and we’re sure your guests wouldn’t mind if that’s what you served for dinner. But if you want your dinner party to be extra memorable, why not add something that’s different, something that’s a bit, dare we say, weird. There’s a lot of whacky foods being served around the world, and thanks to the wonders of online shopping, you can have them in your fridge too. Your guests might recoil when they see fried spiders or bull testicles on their plate, but don’t worry: they’ll taste great.

Serve it with a Twist

You can never go wrong with a bottle of red wine at dinner. But what about the before or after? Your friends might serve an ice cold beer, but your dining experience is going to be different. Before the meal, serve a delicious, elaborate cocktail and get the party started. When you’re unwinding after, hand your guest a tumbler of Japanese whiskey and give them a nightcap to remember. Drinks are just as important as the food at a dinner party!

The Extra Mile

You’ll have prepared the meal, but do you really want to be standing up every few minutes to grab the next dish or refill drinks? Take the pressure off yourself – and get some eyebrow raises from your friends – by hiring waiting staff to do all the legwork for the party. It’ll be a hit, and you’ll be able to enjoy the party too!

Bringing the Fun

And finally, let’s not forget about the main thing: the fun! Once all the usual conversation topics have been covered, you’ll want to have something else planned to make sure it’s fun all night long. Buy some cards, learn some games, or pick up a board game or two!

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