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Core Manly Skills Every Man Should Have

From building a fire to plumbing and more.

Photo by Nicolette Attree from Pexels

Just because gender lines are getting a little blurred (nothing bad in that) it doesn’t mean guys don’t need those manly skills anymore. If you’re a traditional man that loves to work with his hands and be active and outdoorsy, here are some skills you need to have up your sleeve:

Fix plumbing

While messing with electricity can be a little dangerous for DIY handymen, you can always grab your tools and fix a drippy faucet. This fix will help you save money on water and repair and take only a few minutes of your time. And if you have a tool belt, just know that every guy looks great wearing it. 

Build a fire

Fire plays a huge role in human life: it provides warmth, light, tasty meals and relaxation. If you love to sit around a fire with your SO or buddies, make sure to stay away from Duraflame logs and opt for the real deal. Building a fire is easier than it looks, so learn a few ways to get the fire going and you’ll have a skill useful in many situations. 

Grill like a boss

Even if you can buy a perfectly good bbq meal at a restaurant, there’s something special in grilling meat for you and your family or friends. If you want to show off your grilling skills, you’ll need some quality meat and a few tools. Hardcore guys might bring back meat from their hunting trips, but you’ll still need to prep your catch, skin it and cut into grillable pieces. There are some cool skinning knives online you can add to your arsenal and look like a real professional. Just make sure your knives are sharp and your skinning process will look effortless. 

Get a good shave

Sure, electric shavers are practical, but there’s something very sexy and sophisticated in using a multi-bladed razor. This razor will give you a very close shave and create a great manly ritual you can practice every morning. Your shave will not only look better than ever, but you’ll also learn how to be more present and mindful—a skill every person in the world needs right now. 

How to parallel park

If you live in the suburbs, you probably have a lot of parking space at your disposal, but once you go downtown, you’ll find a different scenario. You might have some luck with garages, but most spots are on the street, so knowing how to parallel park will come in very handy. Don’t be that dude who needs to back up and move forward ten times before he parks—you’ll just make everyone nervous and late for work. 


Change a tire 

Most guys dread that sad “flop flop” sound a flat tire makes. It usually means you’ll be late and spend some serious money on roadside assistance. Instead of raging and cursing your fate, you can just change your tire and be on your way. Changing a flat is not rocket science and it will come in handy if you find a lady in distress or a stranded traveler—being a good Samaritan is always classy and manly. 

Change a diaper

Are you planning to be a dad? Well, then you’ll find this skill very helpful. Don’t want to be a parent? You’ll still probably need to change a diaper or two in your life (nieces, nephews, godsons and goddaughters also poop!) Most guys shy away from this task, but there’s nothing manlier than a guy who can handle such a messy task quickly and tidily. 

Most of these skills are easy to learn, but leave such a strong impression in both women and men. If you want to boost your manliness or just want to become a better and more useful human, make sure to add them to your repertoire right now. 

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