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Best Apps for Writing a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation can often prove a tedious task, consuming tons of time and effort.

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Writing a dissertation can often prove a tedious task, consuming tons of time and effort. With the burden of social life and academics, students often rush their dissertation resulting in poor arguments.

To optimize your writing process, consider using various apps to manage your writing process, thus optimizing your writing process. You may also hire professional dissertation writers to get a help with writing, making ample time for other writing tasks.

However, the market floods with dissertation writing software, making it hard to select the best writing tools for your needs. This article covers some of the best writing apps that may help you align your dissertation writing process.

1. Grammarly

Proofreading your work often proves a challenging task on lengthy dissertations. As such, an editing tool should come in handy to help you notice and rectify grammatical and structural errors within your thesis.

Unlike other editing tools, Grammarly includes a plagiarism checker and identifies errors affecting the clarity and readability of your work. This tool checks the overuse of various words, helping you nub redundancy, and cuts long sentences short, making your job easier to read.

You can also download Grammarly for word, thus editing in real-time as you work on various sections of your paper.

2. Evernote

Evernote is the ultimate note-taking tool when working on your dissertation. You can use this tool to store images, audio, and text you have coalesced during research.

Even better, the tool allows you to search for words on various resources stored, making it easier to develop your essay argument. The data from Evernote is synchronized on all your devices, making it easy to work on your dissertation from various locations.

3. Quillbot

This tool helps you to rewrite various sentences, saving you time and reducing the risk of plagiarism. It also doubles as a thesaurus, helping you find suitable synonyms to frequently used words, avoiding redundancy.

4. Dragon anywhere

Spending time hunched towards your computer and typing multiple pages of work can be daunting. As such, a transcribing tool may help you prepare your paper after planning, thus reducing the stress on your back and fingers.

Additionally, You can use this tool in lectures to help you collect all vital information covered. Later on, you can use the transcribed notes to gauge the concepts you might have missed during class.

5. Offtime

Writing a paper often seems a monotonous task that may result in boredom. As a result, many students are usually sidetracked by competing stimuli, including mobile games and social media.

Offtime limits various functionalities over specific periods to block off distractions, allowing you to focus on your paper entirely. It, however, will enable you to permit calls from various people in case of emergencies.

6. Mendeley

Keeping track of your references as you write your paper may often prove a tedious task. As such, students often submit poorly referenced work, resulting in plagiarism.

Mendeley is a feature-rich tool that assesses your references, pinpointing various errors. This tool also helps you present your references in your preferred format, securing your entire score.

7. To-doist

A schedule is a vital element to keep track of your progress. The to-doist app helps you organize your schedule, allowing you to prioritize tasks depending on their urgency.

This ensures that you meet your deadline and also commit to sessions with regular reminders of scheduled tasks.

Final take

Writing a dissertation often proves a challenging task for students. These tools come in handy to help you manage your time and handle various time-consuming activities without compromising the quality of your paper. 

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