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10 Ways to Make Your Life Better in 1 Year

Make a positive change today.

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Looking for simple ways that you can make positive changes and genuinely improve your life for the better in just one year? Here are 10 great ways to go about it!


Travel is truly one of the best ways to spend your time and money. It’s not always easy to make it work around work and other commitments, but if you do get the chance- go for it! It doesn’t always have to be luxurious, stay in rubbish motels, go camping, backpacking or hire an RV. Don’t be afraid to rough it a little if it means getting to see a new place in the world! Don’t be fussy about where you go either, do what you can afford and make the most of every destination since anywhere you go will have something to offer. 


As humans we have such inquisitive minds, but many of us stop learning when we leave full time education. This day in age you can study pretty much any topic you want, from the comfort of your home and in a flexible way- so why wouldn’t you? It could be to advance your career or could be from a personal development perspective, either way, sign up to a course. It could open new doors for you or just give your mental health a boost if you’re in a bit of a rut. 


Helping others is so rewarding, if you’re in a position to do so then definitely go for it. It could be anything from spending a summer building orphanages in Asia, or an hour a week at your local soup kitchen. It could be playing chess with older adults in the nursing home, or walking dogs at the animal shelter. Your time is valuable, it’s something you can give even if you can’t give any money or donations. 

Start a business

Starting a business could be one of the best things you’ve ever done. Whether it’s a simple side hustle to get yourself some extra pocket money, or a full time venture, it allows you to use your creativity and pour your energy into something meaningful to you. If you don’t have a large budget, start small. Do what you can from home, you can always outsource jobs to different companies meaning you don’t need to hire premises or employ your own staff right away. You can outsource everything from marketing to blog writing to transporting services to fulfilment these days. 

Start a new hobby

Hobbies help to get you out of a rut. If it feels like all you ever do is eat, sleep, work, repeat then something needs to change. Hobbies allow you to build skills, meet new people and keep you productive on your days off. They give you something to work towards, new goals that are fun and enjoyable to achieve. Maybe you want to learn to play a specific song on the violin, or create a particular pattern with your knitting. Perhaps you want to perfect a new baking technique, or successfully grow a certain plant from seeds in the garden. Whatever it is, hobbies encourage you to push yourself and do more. 

Focus on your health

You only get one body so it’s important to treat it right. Spending time on your health is something you’ll never regret, so decide how you’re going to go about it. You could cook more at home, being sure to get your five fruit and veg in every day. You could create a workout schedule and join a gym or a sport. You could rearrange your schedule so that you’re sleeping more and making this a priority. After a few months, the amount of energy you suddenly have will really hit you. 

Read books

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our screens- mindlessly scrolling social media, rewatching the same trash tv shows we’ve seen a million times or playing some rubbish app game to kill some time. These might provide some basic entertainment but they don’t really add to our lives. Whereas reading is good for the brain and can shape your life. From novels that immerse you in a whole new world, encouraging imagination to self help books that can help you think in better and more efficient ways. 

Make new connections

Reconnect with lost friends, or put yourself out there to meet new ones. It can be hard to make friends in adulthood but it truly is so worth it. Other people help to push you out of your comfort zone and see things in a different way. They give invaluable new perspectives and generally make life better if you surround yourself with the right ones. If you’re single and ready to find love, why not give a dating app a try?

Get a pet

Getting a pet isn’t something you should do on a whim, it’s of course a huge commitment. But spend some time thinking about it, dogs and cats can offer real companionship and bring joy and humour to our lives. If you have the time, space and energy to give an animal the life it deserves, perhaps you could adopt one from a shelter that’s desperately wanting a home?

Write out your goals

Finally, writing out your goals- personal, career, travel, everything you can think of is so useful. You can always revisit them and make changes later on if you need to, but having them there in black and white can be really motivating. Break down large goals into smaller ones, and then decide where you’re going to go from there. Is there anything you can get started on right now?

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