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10 Common Everyday Things That Could Kill You

Watch out for these.

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Many of us live our lives in constant fear of the things around us. With all the distressing things going on in the world and in the news, it’s natural to be worried that something bad could happen to us or our loved ones. However, it’s not just those terrible events that could lead to our relatives and friends being hurt. There are many common everyday things we do that could also result in an untimely death. To give you an idea of how dangerous we human beings live, here are ten common everyday things that could prove fatal.

  1. Overworking Yourself

In Japan, they actually have a word for “death by overworking”: Karoshi. Recently, a worker at the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Stadium was forced to work 190 hours of overtime in a single month. The man committed suicide and investigators have deemed karoshi as the cause of death. These situations are absolutely terrible and it goes to show that employers who push and bully their workers should be shut down immediately. If you ever experience this in your workplace or if you have loved ones that are being overworked, then make sure you speak to a professional because the last thing you want is to be contacting a wrongful death lawyer such as to help you make a claim. Overworking is a serious threat to our lives, so we all need to pitch in and stop it from happening.

  1. Listening to Music in Public

We all love listening to music because it makes boring commutes a little more fun. However, if you’re going to stick your earphones deep into your ears and blast music, then you’re putting yourself at risk. Loud music can cause you to lose focus on the things around you, and it’s not uncommon to walk into a busy road or completely miss the fact that the lights haven’t changed yet. In fact, loud music can even affect drivers themselves, causing them to drive carelessly and possibly collide into innocent bystanders.

  1. Using Extension Cords

Extension cords can prove to be lethal if used incorrectly. Extension cords need to be used correctly in order to protect you and your loved ones because they carry enough electricity to actually kill you. Make sure you never overload extension cords and never daisy chain them. Make sure they are plugged into wall outlets if you need to use an extension cord, and never play around with the cords themselves. Make sure you buy high-quality extension cords as well to prevent any potential damage or issues.

  1. Grazes and Cuts

People don’t usually think much about their grazes and cuts, but if left untouched and exposed they could pose a serious threat to your health. You see, cuts expose your body beneath the skin and this opens you up to all kinds of infections and diseases. These infections can get worse over time if not treated and will eventually kill you. Infected wounds are no joke, so make sure you patch them up as quickly as possible and visit a doctor if the wound gets worse.

  1. Staying Up Late

While some people sleep too much, others don’t sleep enough. This is somewhat related to the first point about overworking yourself, but sleep deprivation is a real problem that could prove to be fatal. Humans can go long without sleep, but it’s a fundamental part of life and it’s important that every human gets at least a couple of hours a sleep day. No matter how badly you want to stay up, you should always play it safe and get some sleep so that your body can repair itself and recharge.

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  1. Eating Too Quickly

Eating too quickly can actually put your health at risk. Choking is a risk you take if you don’t chew your food properly. Pieces of food can become lodged in your through and prevent you from breathing properly, thus cutting off your supply of air and slowly killing you. The lesson here? Always chew your food, eat slowly and don’t act like it’s a competition unless you are a trained competitive eater.

  1. Taking a Great Selfie

Much like point #2 about listening to loud music in public, trying to take a great selfie will put you at risk. Trying to get the perfect angle will completely shut you out from your surroundings and you may start wandering into the street where cars are flying past or even off a bridge or a high place. If you’re going to take a great selfie, use a stick to help you get better angles and always be aware of your surroundings.

  1. Cleaning Your Home

Did you know that bleach isn’t just lethal if swallowed, but also if it’s mixed with other chemicals? Bleach has a nasty smell, but if it’s mixed with ammonia it can produce a lethal chlorine gas. Never mix these two chemicals and always check the labels. If these mix on a surface, the outcome could produce a deadly gas that will kill you with the vapours. To give you an idea of how lethal it is, it was used by Germany in World War 1 and 2 as a chemical weapon.

  1. Drinking Water Too Quickly

It’s rare, but there have been reported cases of water intoxication. The problem stems from the sodium content in your body. If you drink too much water, then it thins the sodium levels in your body and this makes it hard for your body to balance fluids around your body. Take a look at this article from to learn more about how drinking too much water could possibly kill you.

  1. Using Your Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers are common firestarters in the home. It’s usually caused by a buildup of lint that owners refuse to clean out. Lint collects in the filters of your tumble dryer after use and is extremely flammable. The slightest spark could set the lint on fire which will spread across your entire tumble dryer and eventually your home. The solution? Clear your tumble dryer after each use.

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