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Idiot of the Week

Drunk Man Buys Antique Bottle Of Buckfast For £10,000 On Ebay

Bet he regretted that in the morning.

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He was drunk on Buckfast at the time he bought it, would you believe.

Ah, good old Buckfast. Most of us Scots have tried it, and if you have normal taste buds, you’ve regretted doing so ever since.

Most friend groups have that one exceptionally wild friend who will even happily have it as their drink of choice (insanity, if you ask me).

You would hope that even such a crazy friend wouldn’t be mad enough to spend £10,000 on a bottle of the stuff though.

Well, one guy did. The bottle, seemingly dating back to before WW2, was put up for auction on Ebay by a guy named Jonathan Parker.

The bottle was up for sale on eBay
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I doubt Jonathan dared to believe someone would be mad enough to spend £10,000 on the bottle. In fact, until the buyer swooped in, the bottle was only going to sell for £800. Which is still completely insane,let’s be honest.

The buyer, who was allegedly under the influence of Buckfast at the time he made his bid, is named Tam.

Where the story gets funnier though, is that Tam doesn’t appear to actually have the £10,000 (why am I not surprised). So, to try and gather the money, he’s set up a Crowdfunding site, which has a current total of £0. I’m honestly speechless.

Well, Tam must be the most loyal Buckfast lover the world has seen yet. I was going to say let’s hope he raises his £10,000, but honestly I feel like I should encourage people to donate their money to a more worthy cause, even though it’s a funny story.

If you’re looking for a slightly more pleasant form of alcohol, take a look at these alcoholic doughnuts, they look incredible.

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