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You Can Now Buy a Fully Grown Tree-Chair

I hope business is booming.

Image via Life and Soul Magazine
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Are you someone that spends your money on interesting things? No? Me neither, because interesting things are usually very expensive.

A couple named Gavin and Alice Murno opened their company, Full Grown, back in 2012. They’ve set up their business on a farm in Derbyshire, where they’ve figured out how to grow trees into the shape of a chair, lamp, or table. And you can purchase a piece of tree/furniture for a couple of grand a piece.

“Instead of force-growing a tree for 50 years and then cutting it down and making it into smaller and smaller bits…the idea is to grow the tree into the shape that you want directly.

It’s kind of a zen 3D printing.

I wanted to combine care and competence and hopefully, this is what we’re doing here.

You know the damage that we do with forestry.

We’re only just starting to really understand that.

This is kind of the opposite really, we use…ancient techniques that we used in the stone age.”

And with the furniture costing upwards of $10,000, I hope business is booming. I’ll be taking my coins to buy more budget-friendly, interesting things. Here’s the link to more interesting things: Buying a Ticket to Mars Will Only Be a Matter of Time!

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