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The CIA Challenged Keen Spies to Spot the Difference Between These Two Images

See how Liam Neeson you really are


With Bond’s newest spy adventure, No Time To Die premiering in under two months, what better time to channel your inner 007, than with a classic game of spot the difference…

If you’ve ever felt bored of your day job and fancied testing both your power of observation and a keen eye for detail, then the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has you covered. They posted a tweet containing their brainteaser earlier this week, with an alleged 10 spot the differences to find.

The two seemingly identical images seemed to depict a normal cobbled street, but there was more than met the eye. On closer inspection, the differences become clearer. The key, however, according to Twitter, seems to be to not overthink what the differences could be.

On the other hand, some Twitter users whose eyesight seems to rival even the best birds of prey, have spotted at least 11 or 12 differences in the images. The CIA, as promised, did post the results the next day, but this was not before hundreds of users quote tweeted it with answers, with some even claiming they solved it in under a minute.

Whilst the CIA did claim that there were only 10 differences, in a follow up tweet, they said, ‘If you found more than 10 differences, you practiced good tradecraft. Always look for opportunities to learn more.’ Interesting…

Feel like you’re up to the challenge of finding all 10? (Or potentially more) Want to time yourself? Or just want to cheat and see the differences for yourself? Yes, this is a spoiler alert for the next image…

Not included in the CIA’s list of 10 were – a missing thin line of paint on the left side of the photo under one of the archways and a missing car logo on a vehicle on the left side of the road.

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